Tippmann Gryphon Review

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The Bottom Line

The Tippmann Gryphon is an entry-level paintball gun designed for the beginner player. It is a decent gun for the price and should definitely be considered for any new player.

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  • Inexpensive
  • Very simple
  • Internal gas line


  • Feedneck requires an Alan wrench to tighten
  • Very difficult to disassmble


  • Inline blowback paintball gun
  • Runs on CO2 or compressed air
  • A5 Threaded Barrel

Guide Review - Tippmann Gryphon Review



The Gryphon is an inline blowback paintball gun that is based on the classic Model 98 design but with a top-cocking bolt. It comes with a composite body that is currently only available in metallic red and a two-finger blade trigger. It has a comfortable .45 grip and a foregrip immediately in front of the trigger frame. It comes standard with a locking vertical feed to place your hopper but it does require an Alan wrench (hex key) to use. The Gryphon is also the first entry-level paintball gun that has an internal gas line.


Overall I was impressed with the Gryphon's performance. The trigger pull is relatively short but is stiff enough that I preferred to use two fingers to shoot it. Despite the weight of the trigger pull, I was able to get 9 balls per second over the chrono with just a gravity fed hopper.

The kick is noticeable when dry firing but when firing paintballs it wasn't too bad and didn't bother me too much.

One of the things that really impressed me with the Gryphon was how well it did with paint. I fed some extremely brittle paint through the gun and fired it as fast as I could and there were no breaks.

In fact, I didn't have any breaks with any of the paint I fired. The accuracy wasn't amazing but it was decent considering the barrel is designed to accept almost any brand of paintball.

One problem I did notice was that the gun was not overly consistent. Since the gun is intended for entry-level players using CO2, I only used a CO2 tank and the consistency fluctuated up to 30 fps between shots while shooting quickly. I should note, though, that the speed changed much less when I fired at a more normal rate - closer to 10-15 fps.


The Gryphon needs to be kept clean and that is what the entry-level player should be concerned with. The gun is not built to be taken apart easily and it's relatively complex with an exterior shell and interior frame. If there is a problem I would recommend that a beginner player take the gun to a gunsmith for repairs.


Currently there are no upgrades for the Gryphon. The exterior of the gun, though, is just a shell around internals and is very easy to remove so it is quite possible that aftermarket bodies (I'm hoping for a darker, tactical body) will be available at some point. Many A5 threaded barrels could also be used with the Gryphon.


The Gryphon is a new gun and it is unknown how durable it is.

The gun I tested didn't have any problems.

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