5 Tips to Choosing a Blog Topic

Find the right blog topic for long-term success

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Building a blog is a commitment in time and effort, and your choice of topic for your blog plays a vital role in its success. Although focusing on one area of interest narrows the pool of potential readers, your readers are more likely to visit repeatedly.

How to Pick a Topic for a Blog

Finding a blog topic takes time and serious consideration. You will likely consider several possibilities before you settle on the niche you think is right for you.

If you choose a topic you know a lot about and are personally interested in, you are more likely to have success than if you select a topic because you think it may be profitable. Enthusiasm for your subject shows in your writing and leads to a large following of people who share your interest.

As you look for potential blog topics, keep these five tips in mind. They'll help you reach your blogging goals by steering you away from bad choices and toward what works best for you.

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Find a Topic You're Passionate About

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Readers recognize passion when they see it. When you write about a subject you are passionate about, your blog is likely to attract others with a similar passion, and the word will spread.

Choose a topic for your blog that you feel strongly about and truly enjoy, it will help you stay motivated about your blog's topic for a long time. A successful blog is updated frequently. To give your blog the best chance at success, keep the content fresh by consistently updating it.

When choosing a topic you are passionate about, look at how you spend your free time, what you read about, any classes you've taken, things you already know a lot about, and your hobbies.

Don't worry too much about whether there are other blogs on your chosen subject because there's already a blog on everything. When you bring knowledge and personality to your blog, you'll attract readers.

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Find a Topic You Like to Talk About

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Successful blogs require a two-way conversation between you (the blogger) and your audience (your readers). As readers leave comments on your blog or email you to discuss your posts in further detail, be responsive and receptive to them. Your blog's long-term success depends on the sense of community you create around it.

When you choose a blog topic on a subject you already like to talk about, it's easy to discuss it and interact with your readers.

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Choose a Topic You Don't Mind Debating With Other People

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People from all walks of life with varying opinions will visit your blog, and some of those people may not agree with everything you write. Successful bloggers enjoy discussing their blogs' topics from all angles and appreciate the debate, which is healthy and spurs growth in your blog readership.

Don't choose a topic that you feel personally uncomfortable talking about with others. Find a topic that allows you to speak freely.

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Choose a Topic That Isn't Highly Controversial

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As your blog grows and more people find it, some visitors may disagree so strongly with you that they attack you personally in the comments. You'll need a thick skin to deflect personal attacks and strongly opposing opinions. If you would rather avoid this type of reader and interaction, stay away from hot-button topics.

Some topics are more likely than others to attract this type of reader. Political and religious subjects often draw attacks from readers who are not interested in discussing the subject or changing their minds — only in heatedly critiquing your content.

If you do choose a controversial subject, be prepared to state your reasons for your position on the topic and to listen to your readers' opinions. Also, you'll need to know when to quit the debate so that the discussion doesn't get too heated.

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Choose a Topic You Enjoy Researching

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One of the unique aspects of blogs is their ability to provide fresh, meaningful content and discussions about a wide variety of topics. For your blog to be successful, you should enjoy reading about your blog's topic and keeping up with news and current events related to it. This way, you'll keep your blog's content interesting and relevant to your readers.

In your blog, you play the role of expert on your topic. You'll spend a lot of time maintaining that status, so choose a topic you enjoy learning about continually.

Now that you've chosen your topic, it is time to get writing. You can write a blog in 5 easy steps. As you write, remember to keep your posts on-topic. Sticking with your chosen niche is one of the top blogging secrets for success.

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