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Instrumental Wedding Ceremony Music

Bride and Groom Celebrating With Confetti and a Mariachi Band
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I love attending weddings; it's so romantic to witness two people profess their love to each other. I remember years ago being a bridesmaid for the first time during a cousin's wedding. It was so beautiful, but what made the ceremony extra special was the music.

When I got married myself I saw to it that the wedding plans were based on what we wanted. My husband and I didn't hire a wedding coordinator, instead, we made all the plans and arrangements ourselves.

Of course, it was difficult and at times nerve-wracking, but , all in all, we were pleased with the outcome. Among the many details I focused on was the music; from the wedding ceremony down to the reception, I made a point to choose the music we both love.

If you are planning your special day and looking for music to match the occasion, here are several instrumentals to choose from. These music pieces are great for the prelude, processional and recessional parts of the wedding ceremony. Click on the title to hear a music sample and the name of the composer to learn more about him.

Instrumental Wedding Ceremony Music