5 Best Tips for Making an Anime Blog

Making an Anime Blog is a Lot Different than it Used to Be

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Are you ready to jump on the blogging bandwagon and build your own anime blog? Its actually not as complex as you might think. Here's some great tips and tricks to have you blogging about your favorite anime shows in no time flat.

  1. Pick Your Blog Provider: While there used to be a variety of blogging platforms to choose from, the best service now really is WordPress. There are free and paid options and WordPress also allows users to host their blog on their own hosting service which gives bloggers much more control over their content.
  1. Make it Look Good: Its not mandatory, but if you're going to have an anime blog, you might as well make it look like an anime blog. Try adding some pics of your favorite anime characters or even better, incorporate them into your own custom header image. There are also a large number of plugins that will let you add lists of your favorite characters or even recent anime DVDs and Blu-rays that you've purchased.
  2. Get Paid to Blog About Anime: Something every blogger should consider is exploring the numerous ways you can earn money with a blog. While money shouldn't be the main motivator in blogging, earning a residual income from your hobby can help keep you interested when your motivation is down and can also help cover expenses such as hosting and domain name renewal.
  3. An Anime Blog is Different than an Anime Website: While a website is more of a permanent resource that you create, a blog is much more interactive, social, and above all else, recent. The key to running a blog is consistency and while this may seem difficult at first, there are some great scheduling fetaures in WordPress that allow bloggers to line up several posts to auto-publish an hour, day, week, or even month apart to create an illussion of an active blog even when you're on holiday or hard at work at your 9-to-5.
  1. Promote Your Blog: There's no point running a blog if no one is going to read it. It's important to get involved on social networks like Twitter and Pinterest (read about all the ones I recommend here in my article about running an anime website) and it's also important to remember to tell people about every post you upload. Tweet out a link to your recent post on Twitter, connect with podcasters and see if you can talk about your blog on a future episode in exchange for maybe and interview or promotion on your blog, or even experiment with SEO. While writing is important, two thirds of your time should be spent getting the word out about what you write.

    After more information on expressing your anime fandom online? We've got you covered.

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