Twelve Tips for When the Sun is in Pisces

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Talk With Animals

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This month, we’re tuned in to subtle kinds of communicating, including communing with other species. It’s strange that we seem to want to make this an out-of-reach ability, with only a few special dog or horse whisperers. But if we’re willing to “hear” with our intuitive and/or instinctual self, we can all listen and respond to our animal friends.

Some animals, like dolphins, communicate through sound frequencies. Pisces' ruler is Neptune, whose domain is the ocean and all its mysteries. The sounds of whales and dolphins, or waves, could convey messages that bypass the mind, and are read by another faculty entirely.

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Pisces' traditional ruler is Jupiter, and the modern ruler is Neptune -- both invoke the mood of daydreaming. 

This is a must-do, to flex your imaginative muscles. That way, it becomes the boundless creative resource it's meant to be. The solar light of Pisces puts us in an altered state, and the imagination is especially active now.

Fantasy, imagining scenarios, and the like are the raw material for artists and innovators. Studies show that complex problems can be worked out by daydreaming, and it's often used by athletes to envision the goal being reached before an event. You may try creative visualization, which is imagining the very thing you'd like to bring into your life.

I know one Pisces musician that does this every morning as part of his meditation. Be sure to evoke the emotional feelings that go with it, since that will make it more real.

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Seek Out "Yin" Power Spots

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Pisces energy can inspire us to seek out "yin" places, which are uncrowded, watery, or dense with green (like a rain forest, garden, cave, swamp or marsh).

Many of us live in places where yang dominates -- busy, crowded, bright lights, highways, shopping malls. Too much yang makes us irritable, tense, and destructive. A yin power spot restores negative ions which has a calming effect, and makes us more receptive to higher awareness.

In his book, Earth Energies: A Quest for the Hidden Power of the Planet, Hawaiian shaman Serge Kahili King says a power spot is relative and exists only in relationship to its surroundings. For example, the urban garden courtyard at your work place may be yin for you, because it's a respite from the busier setting of the office.

Some yin power spots, says King, are canyons, ravines, glens, bay windows, oases, shorelines, waterfalls, fountains and moving water. Quiet, remote areas with few people are yin. And, he writes, "structures like churches, meditations and medicine wheels are yin, too."

Try seeking out a yin spot this month, for balance and peace of mind. One of my favorites is a trail through a lush swamp wilderness that leads to a river. It's a place that's still very wild and natural. I always feel renewed after going there.

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Forgive and Let Peace Wash Over You

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Recently my Aunt (a Pisces Moon) sent out a profound message about finding forgiveness after 40 years. That number, she admitted, has a biblical ring to Moses in the desert. It had to do with a family tragedy, which was kept close to the chest with everybody, that was also a kind of betrayal to those that loved this person. Some hurts are lifetime works-in-progress, that come in and out of our lives like a tide. Her bringing it up to the whole family was a very big deal. It had a ripple effect bringing up decades of held grief and memories.

The big love of Pisces makes it possible to forgive, by merging with a power greater than ourselves. I had to call on this once, after a break-up, when I knew I couldn't get over the heartbreak and sense of betrayal using my spiritual resources at that time. It took resolve, faith, a lot of dialogue with Spirit, and time.

This is a month when miracles can happen through forgiveness. What's hard in the heart starts to soften, a crying jag ensues, and release. What's held flows back to the great ocean of emotion, and you feel renewed. When we merge with the bigger unconditional love, we stretch our idea of what love is. And realize everything can be healed, if we reach for the higher power available to each of us.

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Love Your Neighbor

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What's that saying about don't judge others, because you don't know what demons they're wrestling with? Pisces is a sign that has a spooky intuition for what another is dealing with. The sense of struggle we see in others, can unite us, and inspire acts of lessening the burden in some way. In communities, we can break out of the mask of anonymity, and come together to be stronger united, than divided or isolated.

It's time to quickly organize into small supportive networks of people that care about each other. It may seem simple and commonsensical, but sadly, many of us live cut off from those living around us. The month of Pisces is great for gatherings of total strangers, since for Pisces, "a stranger is a friend that you haven't met yet." Why not schedule a meet n' greet on your block or building, and exchange ideas about creating a web of community.

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Take Back Your Imagination

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 It’s a fact of life that we’re often overwhelmed overstimulated by other people’s words and images. Metaphysical teachers like Barbara Marciniak lament that we are being entertained to death. How can you reclaim your imaginative world?

#1 is by Killing your Television. When you watch television, you go into a trance state. The perceptual focus is narrowed down from the sweeping panorama around us, to a small hypnotizing square. At that point, you’re vulnerable to all kinds of programming. This is a month to be bold and courageous, and take control of your own programming. There is so much beauty in the world, but it’s up to us to reach for it.

It’s not an easy transition from being entranced and possibly mind-controlled, to being an awake, alert active creator of your own life. This frees you to fully utilize your creative imagination, for art-making and magically transforming your life.

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Grow with Nature

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With more getting into gardening as a way to be self-sufficient, it’s a great time to commune with nature spirits. This is a step beyond just talking to your plants, to deeply tuning into the nature spirits, so they’ll thrive. At the famous Findhorn Garden in Scotland, they’ve been experimenting with co-creating for decades now. This means tuning into a plant or flower’s overlighting nature spirit with group circles, prayer, etc. This is how they became world famous for growing 40-pound cabbages!

There’s a gardening style called permaculture that’s based on observing nature, and coming up with a holistic design.

The spirit of nature can also be your muse this month. Grab your camera and take pictures in the park. Or observe closely the patterns of a leaf. This month, we’re more attuned to Earth as a living library that can teach us so much.

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Embrace the Cyclical

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One way to make sense of the breakdown we're seeing around us is to reflect on the cyclical nature of life. There's a time to build-up, and a time to dismantle. A time to push into new ground, a time to fortify what you've got, and a time to scatter it all to the four winds. What's happening is a collapse of structures that have grown corrupted and limiting. It's a dying time, but only what needs to die, to make space for the new.

Pisces is a feminine sign, and women -- because of our body cycles -- have an instinctual awareness of this cyclical rhythm. We can attune to it by following the Moon phases, with its time to retreat, wind up and wind down. The labyrinth is symbolic of this journey to the center, and spiraling back out again. It's a great time to make your own labyrinth, or walk one in your area.

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Embrace the Tidal

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The energies of Pisces remind us to surrender to the waves, and be changed by them. That sometimes, what we need most is to be carried out to the sea of our own depths. It's a rhythm of understanding that there are great forces in play, some that defy any attempt to put in words.

There's a time to stay home and reflect, and a time to be social. A time to grieve, or sink further into your emotional depths, even if it means temporary isolation. We honor our soul by listening to its yearning. Sometimes this takes us out of the worldly, into the otherwordly. When we return, we may look the same, but we have been on a journey and are changed by it.

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Seek/Create Sacred Space

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This is a month for integrating spirituality into your life. You might create an altar -- fireplace mantles are great for this -- where you keep your meaningful photos, totems, stones, intentions, etc. You might place a salt crystal lamp there to generate nourishing negative ions. Turn your bathing space into a refuge with candles and healing salts.

You may dedicate one area of your home for downtime where you keep all your top books, movies, images, music that elevates your spirit. Go to the places that have a nourishing resonance for you. Steer clear of places that deplete you.

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Feel the Soulforce

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There's something rare that's awoken in times of crisis, and it brings out the best in (some) people.  It's what Martin Luther King Jr. (Moon in Pisces) called soul force. He said, "Again and again we must rise to the majestic heights of meeting physical force with soul force."

In a profound example of this, the women of Liberia -- wearing white, the color of purity -- demanded peace in what seemed like a hopeless situation. Their actions were made into a movie called, Pray the Devil Back to Hell. The promo material speaks of the mysterious power of soul force, destribing the movie as, "A story of sacrifice, unity and transcendence, Pray the Devil Back to Hell honors the strength and perseverance of the women of Liberia."

The month of Pisces makes us more aware of how we're all connected through the heart. It's a great month to dream up ways to put this soul force into action, to bring more light to the world.

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Embrace Chaos

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We are living in chaotic times when major unsettling events seem to be happening at a faster rate. It's an act of faith to trust that the chaos of today, will lead to a more life-centered foundation in the future. We are being asked to let go of many of our familiar anchors. It's a sacrifice, and it's happening to all of us. Pisces is a sign of sacrifice, which has the true meaning, "to make sacred."

As we let go, we can struggle with uncertainty, lostness, a sense of having no traction. It's important to understand this as a natural stage of breakdown -- when the pieces are flying every which way. At this vulnerable point, you're wise to seek out spiritual resources to support your trust in the process. Everyone deals with chaos differently. You may want to dance your way through it!