Twelve Tips for When the Sun is in Sagittarius

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Be a Champion for Freedom

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Sagittarius is Jupiter-ruled, and that's the planet that weaves a thread of inspiration through time and in every culture. It fires us up with the ideal of freedom and possibility.

The cause of human freedom and dignity is a torch picked up by each new generation. What's your role to play? Are you a storyteller, an innovator, a lover of justice, or conscientious friend? Are you a witness to the spark in others, and live to encourage others to shine?

Sagittarius is a sign whose instincts for freedom are legendary. It's a great month to use your unique talents, to bring fire to the minds of others. To meet new people with an open mind, not suspicion. To animate ideas, so we believe another world is possible -- one where everybody wins.

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Move in New Ways

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Even as we spend more time indoors, Sagittarius gives us a burst of fresh energy. Together with the invigorating chill in the air, this can bring on the desire to move! What area of your life needs movement? From the deep water of Scorpio, we burst out in motion with this fire sign.  Use the swiftness of Sadge to overcome inertia.

This quickens the rhythm of motion, making us apt to multi-task and whizz around on errands. You might take the stairs instead of the elevator. Or walk or bike to work if it's feasible. Take advantage of the surge to turn passivity into activity. It brings back the joy of motion that's so natural to children. Use it as a spark of momentum where you need it most!

Look for movement in the house where the Sun is passing, your own house of Sagittarius in the the birth chart.

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Take a Faithful Risk

What have you always wanted to try? It's time to go beyond the comfort zone. The Sun in fiery Sagittarius gives us the daring to take risks. It favors feats that test you in some way, often physically. What's been whispering in your ear, or showing up as serendipity? That's the call to expand in new ways.

When we're kids, if we're lucky, we get to try a variety of new activities. The flush of excitement to try something returns now. It's taking risk based on the thrill of it, and the promise of growth. If it makes you afraid, that might be it. Such risks might be to try improv or audition for a role, start a venture, or learn anything from skiing to hula dancing. The natural Sadge motto is "Go for it," and that's the theme for you this month.

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Reach Out to the World

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In the old days, it was popular to have a pen pal to experience a bridge to the world. I had one in Wales, who was the daughter of my mother's pen pal from when she was a teenager. Her world looked so different, in pictures -- a grey sky and so green, and everyone was bundled up in sweaters (or jumpers, as they call them).

These days, the Internet makes it possible to have "friends" from everywhere. Sagittarius is the world traveler, making this month one for reaching out. You might read online news from another country, to see how events are viewed from other points on the globe. It's a great time to savor world music, art and movies, too.

One way to experience another culture is by learning the language. I'm married to a Hungarian, and love sites like Live Mocha, where you can learn languages and meet study partners. If you already speak a language, you might want to find a conversation group, like the German Stammtisch, that meets at a local cafe.

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Reach Your Personal Health Best

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Mutable, fiery Sagittarius inspires us to make changes that enhance our lives. We can ride the high vitality of the Archer, to take our health to the next level. Often, there's a questing aspect to meeting health goals, which might lead to workshops or retreats. Along with the physical side, there may be a lifestyle component, to elevate your overall health.

For athletes, it's a great time for strength training, or setting goals of endurance. If you've been stagnant, now is an ideal moment to come alive.

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Meet Up with Seekers

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Now is the time to be in an atmosphere of learning. It's exhilarating to be in a group of fired-up minds, where each person takes the discussion further. You might join a casual group of seekers, or commit to more formal schooling. It's all about finding a groove that expands your knowledge, and following where it leads.

I have a Sadge friend that formed a ghost-hunting group called The Searchers.  Her questing nature takes on shades of the supernatural, with a lot of Pisces and Scorpio in her chart.

Sagittarius is a vision questing sign that learns by doing. This might bring you together with fellow searchers, to engage in some kind of active exploring. The favored material is whatever keeps your eyes ever widening, so the fullest picture can be attained.

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Go Traveling

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Sagittarius kindles wanderlust. It might get you fantasizing about making a journey. The questing spirit of Sagittarius yearns to know the world by exploring it. The Sun's influence makes us restless to travel, and experience other cultures first hand. We marvel at other humans, so very different from us, and this allows us to see our own culture with new eyes. We can even be philosophic about our traditions, knowing they're just one thread in a complex tapestry.

If physical travel is not in the cards, seek out adventures through documentaries, books and performance. Jupiter-ruled Sadge is about expanding the vision to include the wider world.

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Enjoy the Freedom in Friendship

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There's a lightness of spirit in Sagittarius that is contagious. So now is the time to circle in and out of random social groups. To meet all kinds of people, and hold onto them lightly. We meet so many people in passing, and from each get a short burst of who they are. It's a good time to make acquaintances, and smile or wave at random neighbors.

With old friends, we can support the spirit of growth by hitting the re-set button. It's a time to bring freshness into relationships, with new shared experiences. Or to honor that people change, and not to make assumptions about who they are, even old friends.

It's timely to join a meet-up group, or an international cuisine dinner club. You can know the joy of the casual get-together just for fun, or based on a shared interest. It's time to laugh, watch comedies, play and explore. Just for the fun of it!

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Cultivate Faith in the Future

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Just as negativity is a habit, so is training yourself to be optimistic. This doesn't mean being all Pollyanna. It's being able to see when life is bringing good stuff your way. And feeling gratitude for the blessings in your life.

The force of negativity is so strong. It can be like swimming against the tide in our desensitized culture. This month, give yourself the gift of faith in the future. You might set up an altar area of images, found objects from nature, symbols, etc, of what makes life meaningful. And bringing your attention to your own path and goals, rather than letting your energy be dissipated in distraction.

There's a saying, "where your focus goes, energy flows" so if you're opening to possibilities, that opens doors. It's a powerful time for creative visualization. You might set aside some time each day to envision your ideal future. I've done this, and it's amazing how "real" it becomes. Gather up all that inspires you and keep your intuitive channels clear. This month is a great time to renew your faith in life.

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Get to Know Animals

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Having a dog is one of the great joys in life. Sagittarius is a sign of animal companionship, and a time to experience that bond yourself. My brother just got a puppy he adores, and brings comic relief to his household. If you're single, I guarantee that walking with a dog in the park is the best way to meet people. It's an instant ice-breaker, and studies show that it makes you appear friendlier. That's the Sagittarian playful active spirit right there.

Riding horses is another peak experience for the Sagittarius season. It gets you tuned into the bottom half (legs, thighs and hips), which is Sagittarius ruled. And it opens you to other kinds of wisdom, that's communicated non-verbally by animals.

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Refocus Your Aim

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The sign of the Archer takes aim, reaching for the highest vision possible. That makes this month one for aiming higher. You may get a glimpse of an exciting goal worth achieving. Sagittarius infuses us with idealistic energy. So it's a time of tending to your own personal ideal.

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More Real Life

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Get outdoors, and away from gadgets. If social networking has become your "interface with reality," resist the pull of the virtual, for more of the real. Cut out the middleman, and live life directly, and in living color.