Titanic Activities for Children

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The Titanic

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The RMS (Royal Mail Ship) Titanica British passenger ship, was once known as the "unsinkable Titanic." But how did it get this name, which would later prove to be grossly inaccurate? The ship's builders said that they never claimed the ocean liner was "unsinkable". Instead, the myth is said to have arisen when an unidentified crew member made the overly-confident claim to a passenger that "God himself could not sink this ship."

As the world's largest mobile man-made object at the time, the ship was considered an engineering marvel. At 882 feet long, it took over three years to build and 600 tons of coal per day to power. The Titanic was the most celebrated ocean liner of its time but of course, it would prove to be sinkable.

The End of Titanic

Tragically, Titanic hit an iceberg on its maiden voyage and sank on April 15, 1912. Carrying only 20 lifeboats, the vessel was woefully unprepared for the disaster—the lifeboats could accommodate just under 1200 people. Titanic carried over 3300 individuals with passengers and crew.

Making the crisis even worse, the few lifeboats available were not filled to capacity when they were lowered from the ship. As a result, over 1500 people lost their lives when the Titanic struck the ice and sank to the bottom of the ocean. The ship's wreckage wasn't discovered until over 73 years after the tragedy; it was located on September 1, 1985 by a joint French-American expedition led by Jean-Louis Michel and Robert Ballard.

Since the tragedy of the Titanic, the boat and its fate have been extensively studied. In schools, students learn about this ship through interesting trivia and vocabulary. Connections can also be made between the ship and other areas of study such as history and science, making it a great topic for any subject. Use these printable coloring pages and worksheets when teaching your students about the Titanic.

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Titanic Vocabulary Study Sheet

Titanic vocabulary study sheet
Titanic Vocabulary Study Sheet. Beverly Hernandez

Print the PDF: Titanic Vocabulary Study Sheet

Use this vocabulary study sheet to introduce your students to important terms related to the Titanic. First, read a bit about the ship with them. Depending on the grade level, you may need to condense the story. Then, have them draw lines connecting terms, names, and phrases to the correct descriptions.

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Printable Titanic Vocabulary Matching Worksheet

A Titanic vocabulary work sheet
Titanic Vocabulary Work Sheet. Beverly Hernandez

Print the PDF: Titanic Vocabulary Worksheet

Use this Titanic vocabulary matching worksheet to provide your children with further review of relevant terms. Students will write the correct term from the word bank on the line for the matching definition using clues provided. Refer back to the Titanic articles or study sheet for hints as needed.

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Printable Titanic Challenge Worksheet

A Titanic Q&A challenge
Titanic Challenge. Beverly Hernandez

Print the PDF: Titanic Challenge

For more of a challenge, use this multiple-choice worksheet. Students will have to eliminate incorrect options to choose the correct answer for each definition provided.

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Printable Titanic Word Search

Titanic word search to complete
Titanic Word Search. Beverly Hernandez

Print the PDF: Titanic Word Search

Students who appreciate word games will enjoy using this word search to review names and terms associated with the Titanic, all of which can be found in the study sheets above. Each of the words in the word bank is hidden in the word search. This fun activity will feel like a game for your students while helping them commit vocabulary to memory.

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Printable Titanic Crossword Puzzle

A Titanic crossword puzzle to complete
Titanic Crossword Puzzle. Beverly Hernandez

Print the PDF: Titanic Crossword Puzzle

For another engaging activity, check your student's comprehension of Titanic trivia using this crossword puzzle. Students will fill out the puzzle using the clues provided, using their spelling skills to help them. Assign this as homework or a centers activity.

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Printable Titanic Alphabet Activity

A Titanic alphabetical order worksheet
Titanic Alphabet Activity. Beverly Hernandez

Print the PDF: Titanic Alphabet Activity

The Titanic alphabet activity allows elementary-aged students to practice their alphabetizing skills while reviewing what they've learned about Titanic. Children simply place the terms associated with the ship in alphabetical order.

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Printable Titanic Coloring Page

An image of the Titanic to color
Titanic Coloring Page. Beverly Hernandez

Print the PDF: Titanic Coloring Page

Use this coloring page depicting the tragic sinking of Titanic as a stand-alone activity for younger students or to quietly occupy listeners while you read books about the ship and its tragic maiden voyage aloud.

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