The Other Things You Need to Consider When Buying a Car

Because freedom comes with all of that darn responsibility...

You've saved up all of that money to buy a car.  You can't wait to go on amazing road trips with your friends, while listening to that new stereo (or in-car computer), and add new custom wheels to your ride (and keep them looking great, of course).

Look. We hate to be the one to burst your bubble.  But we wanted to remind you that automotive expenditures don't end the minute you buy your car.  Here are the top other things you need to consider before you buy a car. 

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Paying for Car Insurance

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It's logical after such making a big purchase, to ask if you actually need car insurance. After all, car insurance can cost a fair amount of money.

The short answer is yes.  Why? 

Car insurance will offer you some needed piece of mind by protecting the physical, mental and economic well being of your loved ones. After all, accidents do happen.  And, most importantly, all states require some minimum coverage.  So fret not, this expenditure is worthwhile, even if it just seems pointless. 

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Parking isn't always free

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This may not sting as much for some of you across America, but the price of parking in major cities can add up fast.   Whether you're in Minneapolis and parking at the ballpark, visiting the National Mall in Washington, D.C., or looking for parking in notorious difficult to park in New York City, paying for parking can really add up. 

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Repair and maintenance

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On cars, things break (on some cars, less often than others).  Even the best vehicles need maintenance and repair.   Feeling adventureous? You may want to save a few bucks and fix it yourself.  Or you can bring it to a mechanic - just make sure you ask the right questions. 

Either way, the costs of vehicle maintenance are something you should try to consider ahead of time. 

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Sitting In Traffic

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You may say, "How is dealing with traffic not so bad?".  Well, it all depends on your perspective.  After all, being stuck in traffic allows you time for listening to audiobooks, free ones at that! Or to support your local public radio station. Or, crazily enough, even call a friend.  ON THE PHONE (subject to the appropriate state level Distracted Driving laws, of course).   Be safe when you drive, of course, but use it as an opportunity to steal some "you time" too.  Because, you want to definitely avoid...

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Aggressive Driving and "Road Rage"

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People experiencing road rage may be face increased health risks that come from high levels of stress, tension and anger. These episodes of acute stress may become chronic stress, which leads to many negative health outcomes.  Worse yet, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety (AAA) reports at least 1,500 people a year are seriously injured or killed in senseless traffic disputes.

By being a courteous and defensive driver, you can cut down the level of frustration you might cause other drivers, doing your part in keeping road rage at bay. But if you yourself experience road rage, here are some techniques you can use to stay calm in the car.

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The Price of Gasoline

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Just why is gasoline so expensive? Well, in short, the simple economic laws of supply and demand.  When more people need it, the price goes up.  When less people need it, the price goes down.  Price fluctuations in crude oil are usually to blame, although your gas price usually has built-in federal and state taxes as well. 

Fortunately, there are a number of tools that can help you find the cheapest gas prices in your area.   And, of course, you can always look to buy an alternative fuel vehicle, which use less (and sometimes no) gasoline.