7 Things You Need to Know Before Moving to Mars

Think your last move was a big one? Think again.

So, people might be moving to Mars. OK, so it would be close to ten years away (if it actually happens), but STILL! MARS! If you haven't heard about the whole Mars One sending people to live in space thing, you probably should read this. Anyways, it seems kind of weird people would want to actually live there. Well, sure, you get the fame and all the credit for being the first people... blah blah blah. But it actually seems like a TERRIBLE place to live! That being said, if you're still all gung-ho about it, good for you! But you should probably know these seven things before moving to the "Red Planet." You may end up changing your mind.

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It's SO Different

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Sadly, most people don't even know about this one, and billions of people live on it. But you can at least know a little bit about the one you're moving to! Like that it's much much further from Earth thank the Moon. So if you're not a big fan of long flights you soooo didn't know what you got yourself into here. Its surface, however, is closest to the Earth's compared to other planets... which is probably why it was chosen for the big move. That being said, it's still called the "Red Planet" which sort of makes it seem like an ominous choice.

Here are some other things you should know about the planet you're moving to.

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If You're Claustrophobic, Turn Back NOW!

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You can't choose your flight. You can't choose your seat. It's millions of miles away. And you're stuck in whatever space shuttle they send out with god knows how many other people, and you're strapped in tight, probably with a heavy suit and breathing apparatus over your head. Queue the anxiety, panic attacks, etc. Just don't do it. Turn back now. No one will blame you for it.

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It's Like Moving Abroad... But So Much Further

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So Mars is like 140 million miles away from Earth. So that is definitely going to be the biggest move you ever make. Unless some other galaxy opens up in the next fifty years. Doubtful. Here are some questions you probably should ask yourself before you move. These are for moving abroad, so it applies here, just multiply the gravity of the situation by like five hundred thousand (sadly that's not even exaggerating). That moving checklist just got so much more necessary.

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It's Super Dangerous

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"Outside the protective habitat of Earth's atmosphere and beyond the Earth's shielding magnetic field, astronauts are exposed to very high levels of radiation in the form of cosmic rays (alpha and beta particles) as well as gamma-rays and X-rays." So the six months it takes to get there (or however long it takes to travel those 140+ million miles) may just kill you. And don't even get us started on the whole issue of how maintaining food supplies for an entire lifetime and getting medical treatment would work.

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It's Soooo Cold

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"The average temperature on Mars is about -55 C or -67 F. It can range from -133 C or -207 F at the winter pole to almost 27 C or 80 F on the day side during summer." So you won't be going outside there any time soon. Goodbye beautiful greenery. Goodbye beach. Hello SAD. Forever.

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The Fashion There Will Suck

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Pretty sure you'll have to wear a space suit of some sort the entire time you're there, or at least until they have the living situation sorted out with the right oxygen levels and whatnot. Its atmosphere is very thin, meaning it'll be hard to breathe without some sexy accessories going on to help that out. Hello fish bowl head piece!

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You Can't Come Back

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That's right, it's a ONE WAY journey! Say goodbye to your family, your friends, your job... well, basically your entire life! If you don't care about any of that then then good for you? But if you do, you may want some tips on how to leave everything you love behind:

Need to break up with your friend? Make it clear why you're ending the relationship. Example: I can't be friends with you anymore because I'm moving to another planet. Also an amazing boyfriend/girlfriend breakup line.

Now how about breaking up with an entire planet? ... .... ... *Crickets*

Quitting your job just got so much easier. Just say a new "out if this world" opportunity came your way.

No one needs sad goodbyes. Say goodbye to your kids forever with these lighthearted terms. "Later." Much.

And as for staying in touch? You don't. Time to move on. To Mars. 

Bon voyage! On the upside, you'll be a Martian. So that's pretty cool...

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