TOEFL Grammar Quiz

Writing Cause and Effect Essays
Writing Cause and Effect Essays. James McQuillan / Getty Images
1. A number of resources _____ watching more than four hours a day of television is more dangerous than the radio.
2. Before leaving on a long journey, _____ to the doctor for a check-up.
3. _____ the French Revolution, many citizens had become upset with the aristocracy.
4. Civil rights leader, _____ the Cyber Defender prize for her Twitter campaign in 2009.
5. _____ is certainly much easier with hybrid technology.
6. _____ his economic disadvantages, Peter was very successful in business.
7. Eating too many corn products is _____ eating too much meat.
8. _____ the weather was horrible, we continued our walk through the countryside.
9. If she _____ of her brother's dire circumstances, she would have taken the first flight to Chicago.
10. In the last decade of 1900s, _____ more dependent on telecommunications technology than ever before.
11. _____ that vegetables are healthier than beef.
12. It is not yet clear why _____ such massive protests.
13. _____ that the original inhabitants chewed coca leaves to relieve pain.
14. It was _____ that my parents decided not to adopt another child.
15. Marcia applied to the university _____ she couldn't afford tuition.
16. Never before _____ more closely, as during the past decade.
17. None of the patients _____ access to health care insurance.
18. _____ his first novel 'Frank and Friends', Ben Slezak was also an extremely talented web designer.
TOEFL Grammar Quiz
You got: % Correct. You're a Grammar Champ!
I got You're a Grammar Champ!. TOEFL Grammar Quiz
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 Congratulations! It looks like you understand a lot of the essential grammar you'll need for the TOEFL test. Keep working and you'll get a great score. 

TOEFL Grammar Quiz
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I got Good Work, but Keep Studying. TOEFL Grammar Quiz
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 You understand a lot of the essential grammar, but there are still points you need to brush-up on. Don't get discouraged. You're getting close to your goal!

TOEFL Grammar Quiz
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I got Brush-Up Some Grammar!. TOEFL Grammar Quiz
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 You'll need to keep studying your English grammar if you want to do well on the TOEFL test. It's best if you brush-up your grammar.