TOEFL Structure Practice Quiz

Review advanced structures in English for the TOEFL test

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1. _____ his illness, John continued to play rugby.
2. After many peace corps teachers return to the States, ___________ professional English teachers.
3. None of the students _____ a car.
4. _______ the Depression, individual stock ownership was common in the United States.
5. Never before _____ as rapidly, as during the last three decades.
6. It is not yet clearly understood _________ cause obesity.
7. The Eiffel Tower is ________ the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
8. While most New Yorkers believe in ghosts, ______ do not.
9. With his first painting 'Le Temple du Mordu', George Lesereaux _______ to establish himself as a master of pointillism.
10. ______ Chinese is more difficult to learn than English.
11. Thinker and poet, ___________ the Brinker prize for his poem 'Alexander' in 1976.
12. Research now proves that eating fish and chips is healthier than _______
13. It was ______ Johnny finally gave up.
14. __________, I would have returned it immediately.
15. _______ in a home where two parents work is a difficult task indeed.
16. There has not yet been any decision made _______ will represent the country at the Olympics.
17. ______, Shakespeare was also a prolific writer of sonnets.
18. The Concord, which was ______________ jet, could reach New York from London is approximately 2 and 1/2 hours.
19. Scientists _____________ nano-technology capable of computation at the atomic level.
20. ________ is portrayed in Hermann Hesse's 'Steppenwolf'.
TOEFL Structure Practice Quiz
You got: % Correct. You're Almost Ready!
I got You're Almost Ready!. TOEFL Structure Practice Quiz
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Congratulations. You have a great grasp of some of the more difficult grammar structures that might be found on the TOEFL exam. Good luck on the test! 

TOEFL Structure Practice Quiz
You got: % Correct. You Need to Keep Studying!
I got You Need to Keep Studying!. TOEFL Structure Practice Quiz
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 You've got an understanding of some of the more important structures, but you'll need to keep studying grammar to be ready for the test. Here are some suggestions for further study. 

TOEFL Structure Practice Quiz
You got: % Correct. Review Your Grammar
I got Review Your Grammar. TOEFL Structure Practice Quiz
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 It's good that you're practicing for the big test. However, you still need to study a good bit of grammar. Follow the suggestion below to get started.