TOEFL Vocabulary Practice Quiz

Improve your advanced level TOEFL vocabulary with these questions and answers

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1. The criminal was asked to aid police in their 'inquiry'.
2. He 'marshaled' the troops for the offensive.
3. The use of penicillin is 'diffuse'.
4. I like Florida because of the 'balmy' winters.
5. He 'pored over' the questions until he couldn't keep his eyes open anymore.
6. You will find the office at the main 'intersection'.
7. He found the smell of the lotus blossom 'repugnant', and asked for a different type of flower.
8. His 'diligence' in everything he did was impressive.
9. His boss 'streamlined' company procedures.
10. Uncertainty about the economy is 'widespread'.
11. His comments can be rather 'harsh' at times.
12. The issue 'touched off' an argument between the two parties.
13. Our 'outlets' are located throughout Alabama.
14. She didn't 'let on' that she already knew about the party.
15. You'd better get a few 'winks' before tomorrow.
16. Teenage 'lethargy' is often due to lack of proper nutrients.
17. Unfortunately, information concerning the latest crisis in the state government is arriving 'piecemeal'.
18. Many of the students attitudes are considered too 'cynical' for publication.
19. George Washington's 'immutable' courage was a key ingredient during the Revolutionary War.
20. It is important to weed out the 'chaff' when considering a new position.
TOEFL Vocabulary Practice Quiz
You got: % Correct. Is it Time for the Test?!
I got Is it Time for the Test?!. TOEFL Vocabulary Practice Quiz
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 You might be ready for the TOEFL test soon. Good job! You've got a great range of vocabulary. You might want to further expand your vocabulary with these resources. 

TOEFL Vocabulary Practice Quiz
You got: % Correct. Keep Working Towards Your Goal
I got Keep Working Towards Your Goal. TOEFL Vocabulary Practice Quiz
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You've been working hard towards the TOEFL, but you'll need to keep studying to really be ready to do well on the test. Make sure to use the resources to help.  

TOEFL Vocabulary Practice Quiz
You got: % Correct. You'll Need to Improve Your Vocabulary
I got You'll Need to Improve Your Vocabulary. TOEFL Vocabulary Practice Quiz
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 The TOEFL is a difficult test, so don't be discouraged. Keep working and learning new vocabulary as well as improving your grammar, reading, writing and listening skills to do well on the test.