Toggle Between Precise Cursors and Standard Cursors In Photoshop CC

The Cursors Preferences in Photoshop CC are shown with Precise Cursors selected.
Use the Preferences or the Caps Lock key to switch to Precise Cursors.

Normally when you use a tool in Photoshop your cursor takes on the appearance of that tool. If you would like a exact method of working, try pressing the caps lock key on the keyboard. This will give you a cross hair tool which is much easier to use.

And if you find your cursor inexplicably changes from brush shape to cross hairs or vice versa, it means you probably accidentaly tapped the caps lock key.

Graphic artists who use graphics tablets such as those manufactured by Wacom traditionally use precise cursors.

A “Precise Cursor”can be used in lieu of any of Photoshop’s brush tools, brush-based tools or other tools such as the Eyedropper. Using a Precise cursor is helpful when it’s important to start a brush stroke at a specific point on an image or to sample a single pixel's colour values using the Eyedropper tool.

If you do use switch the Eyedropper tool to a precise cursor, be sure to check the Sample Size in the Tool Options. What you don't want is a Point Sample. The reason is that sample will be the exact colour of the pixel being sampled. This means you may not be choosing the colour you want. instead choose either the 3 x 3 Average or 5 x 5 Average sample sizes. What you are doing is to tell Photoshop to look at the three or five pixels surrounding the sample picture and to calculate and average of all of the colour values for the pixels in in the sample.

If your workflow is such that you need total precision, you can actually set the Photoshop Preferences to only use Precise Cursors. Here's how:

Open the  Photoshop CC->Preferences->Cursors, and select Precise in the Painting Cursors and/or Other Cursors areas.

Updated by Tom Green