Toilet Paper: Household Magic

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Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper
Toilet paper: not just for bathroom usage. Photo Credit: ICHIRO/DigitalVision/Getty Images

For many people, being an effective practitioner of magic includes the ability to think outside the box. By being a creative and imaginative thinker, you can find magical uses for non-magical items. In 2008, About Pagan/Wiccan featured a weekly series in which readers were challenged to find ways of using regular household items as magical tools. For eighteen weeks, our readers came up with unconventional ways to turn regular items around the house into components in magical workings. Let's take a look at some of the mundane items that we offered, and some of the clever and creative ideas our readers had.

Toilet Paper

Vandreyer: Okay, here goes – how about using it in spell to clean up the last remnants of a relationship that went to... er, the dogs?

Phoenix Windwalker: One could conceivably use toilet paper as a medium on which to write a spell of something one wanted to be rid of, and “flush” it away.

Delondra: I was thinking that you could use it to cast a circle, as long as you were standing on rock or dirt. (No dry grass here, obviously.) If you made a circle of toilet paper and lit it on fire, would it burn quickly-but-evenly? Or would it result in a bunch of witches running around frantically while little bits of flames flew everywhere?

Mrs. B: There is actually a Toilet Paper Hex spell in Dorothy Morrison’s “Utterly Wicked” book that calls for you to write down a full description of your bad habit on toilet paper, use it to wipe yourself and then flush it. I haven’t used this one, but there is definitely some strong imagery there!

Nightwind: The rolls make fantastic candle molds. As for the paper itself, well, since it burns really nicely you could fashion a poppet out of it and put all your unwanteds in it then you have a choice, flush it or burn it. Actually how about burn it and then flush it? All that you don’t want gone, twice.

Shelley: Use it for shedding those bad habits you don’t want anymore. Write down what you don't want or what you wish to change in your life and burn it in your cauldron or ritual fire outside. In a way sending your prayers or wishes up to the Gods and Goddesses. It’s worth a shot anyway. I did one last week (only I didn’t use toilet paper) and it has already shown signs of working. Another use would be to roll it out and write prayers, words of encouragement or even funny jokes on them them. Roll it back up and put it out in the bathroom during a dinner party or other gathering. Bet that will get some conversation going when they come back from the bathroom LOL. You could write something funny like “I can’t afford to supply any reading material in here so this is the best I could do.” or ” while you just sitting there here’s the latest scoop on the poop!” (no pun intended) LOL!

Kriosa: I used an empty toilet paper roll for the body of a homemade oak king figure (with an acorn head!) that came out really well. The roll provided enough structure for the figure to stand up easily on its own, and since it was covered with an ornamental paper and oak leaf “robe” you can’t tell that the t.p. roll is inside.

Anavrin: Definitely flush those bad habits, past criticisms (from ourselves and from others), hard feelings, and anything else that takes away from a more positive healthy you…even pouring any disease or sickness into the toilet paper by actually breathing onto it, letting the sickness transfer to the toilet paper, or drawing or writing the name of the sickness onto the t.p. and then letting it all go as you watch it swirl down the drain!

Theresa: Use the left over roll to feed the birds slather it with peanut butter an roll it in bird seed and then use string to hang it from a tree.