Tony and Michele Hamer

Tony and Michele Hamer are long time classic car hobbyists and continue to restore classics for their own use and the use of others. To them, it's much more than a hobby, it's a lifestyle and regularly tour in their classics within the US and Europe.


Tony and Michele own and operate Memory Lanes Classic Cars, LLC. They have won national concours awards for original and renovated cars, competed in tours and rallies, slalomed and raced, and take holidays in England, France and Belgium in their cherished classic steeds. Their stable, as of today, includes 4 Jaguars (1997 XJ6, 1995 XJS convertible, 1995 XJS coupe, 1968 XKE), a RHD 1964 Morris Minor Traveller, a 1951 MG TD (in restoration) and have only just parted with a 1966 Mustang convertible.


Tony's interest in classic and vintage cars started in England in the late 1950s, with his passion being kindled by his father. During his teenage years and college, also the golden era of British motoring, was able to drive and own a variety of outrageous vehicles such as a Hillman Minx, the Mini, a Morris Minor, an Austin Healey, MGs, Triumphs, Rileys, Wolseleys, Citroens, Daimlers and Jags.

Michele's love of classic cars comes from fond memories of growing up during a time when American car manufacturers were creating a "car culture" with vehicles that had a strong street performance but priced within reach of young people. Between Michele and her 3 older brothers, there was always a carburetor or transmission being re-built in the family's garage.

Tony and Michele Hamer

Our passion and relaxation is to sympathetically restore and drive the great machines of the past with other like minded individuals. During our years of owning and restoring classic cars, we have become proficient in body, mechanical and interior work, and as such, experienced buyers from parts and service providers.

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