Tony Hawk Pro Skater Photo Gallery

Vert Best Trick

Photo: Bakke-Shazamm-ESPN

Tony Hawk at the X Games in 2001 Vert Best Trick competition.

X Games VIII

Photo: Shazamm-ESPN

X Games VIII, 2002, Tony Hawk winning his bronze medal for Vert Best Trick.

Bronzed Hawk

Photo: Shazamm-ESPN

Tony Hawk in Skateboard Vert Best Trick competition in 2002 at X-Games VIII.


Photo: Shazamm-ESPN

On July first, 1999, at X Games 5, Tony Hawk completed the first 900 degree spin ever seen in competition, winning Vert Best Trick, and setting a high bar.

Tony Hawk Arial Grind

Photo: Shazamm-ESPN

Tony Hawk performing and Arial Grind in the X Games VIII Skateboard Vert Best Trick competition.

Skater Girl Lessons

Photo: Tony Donaldson/Shazamm/ESPN

World Figure Skating Chapmion Michelle Kwan gets a lesson in a different kind of skating from superstar skateboarder Tony Hawk at the X Games Xperience at Disney's California Adventure theme park.

Hawk and Macdonald

Photo: Shazamm-ESPN

Tony Hawk and Andy Macdonald after winning gold in Skateboard Vert Doubles at X Games VIII in 2002.

Hand Plant

Photo: Shazamm-ESPN

Tony Hawk in Skateboard Vert Doubles at X Games 2001.

Big Air Mctwist

Photo: Markus-Paulsen-Shazamm

Tony Hawk executes a Mctwist on 27 ft. quarterpipe Skateboard Big Air Ramp during practice at X Games X (8/4/2004).

Action Sports Achievement Award

Photo: Dave Hansen/Shazamm/ESPN

Tony Hawk recieving the Action Sports Achievement Award on 04/07/2001.