Top Alternative Comic Book Protection

Everyone who collects comic books is familiar with the essentials in comic book protection, the comic book bag, board, and box. These three items have protected comics for decades and have done a good job, but new inventions have catapulted the comic book protection industry to new heights. Take a look at the best in the new protection that is available to comic book collectors.

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DrawerBoxes TM

Drawerbox. Copyright Aaron Albert

The Collection Drawer Company's DrawerBoxes (TM) has one of the best new items in comic book protection. They are powerfully designed and built to withstand heavy loads. It is such a great thing to be able to easily access any comic book in my collection from the top to the bottom. They are a little pricey, but definitely worth it.

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VOLSTOR Storage System

VOLSTOR Storage System. Copyright VOLSTOR

The VOLSTOR comic storage system is a slick new device to store your comics on your bookshelf. It is very sturdy and has an insert system on the front and spine so you can decorate your case with artwork that represents what is inside the storage system. This makes it perfect for having your comics close at hand in the living room, not taking up huge amounts of space in a giant long box.

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Frame It Again Sam Comic Book Frame

This frame was designed by a comic book collector for comic book collectors. It is designed to allow you to easily swap out a comic book so you can display your favorite item for all to see. It's a really great design that many comic fans will enjoy.

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BCW Plastic Comic Book Box

BCW Plastic Comic Box. Copyright BCW Supplies

There has always been pretty much one choice for collectors in terms of storage - cardboard boxes. Lately, a new product has emerged, the corrugated plastic comic book box. This item protects against water and is vermin resistant. This is a great item for your more valuable comics as well as being very durable for a long term. You also have a choice in color! That's a first.

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ComicLock Security Display System

ComicLock. ComicLock

The ComicLock security display system is designed to safely display your comic book anywhere in the house. With its side lock, encased UV acrylic glass, and inset hinges, it will keep others out so you can just peer in and enjoy the view. Since comic books are pieces of art in and of themselves, it makes it so that you can showcase your comic book in an elegant fashion and keep it safe as well.

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Concase Comic Travel System

Concase. Copyright Aaron Albert

The Concase Comic Travel System is designed to get your comics from point A to point B without them getting damaged in the process. This clever system has two sizes, one for regular comics and the other for graphic novels. With them you shouldn't need to worry about taking your comics to the con to get them signed or just to your friends house to share your precious comics.

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BCW Top Loader

BCW Top Loader. Copyright BCW Supplies

What I like most about these top loaders is that they work great with any existing system and just add to the protection of your comic books. I felt it would be great for transporting, shipping, and just adding extra protection to your comic books. Check it out.

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BCW Comic House

BCW's version of the drawer system for storing comics. The good thing about BCW's Comic House is that all you really need is to buy the house and your comic box will fit right inside. It isn't perfect, but it's a step in the right direction and is a good way to get access to all your comic books.