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Islamic iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch Apps

Apple's portable devices (iPod Touch, iPhone, and now the iPad) allow users to download games, ebook readers, music, video, and other useful and entertaining "apps" (applications).  You can also use your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch to enrich your life as a Muslim.  These Islamic apps are useful for reading Qur'an, calculating prayer times, and even finding halal food.  You can download these apps from the App Store in iTunes.

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iQuran and iQuran Pro

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This app features the complete Qur'an along with recitation and verse-by-verse translation.  The format and font is beautiful and easy to read; the app is easy to navigate and use.  The repeat function allows for recitation practice, and the user can add bookmarks and notes.  The app also allows for full text searching of the Qur'an and any supported translations.  The pro version has added features such as additional recitators and translations, and viewing in either landscape or portrait mode.

Price: iQuran is free; iQuran Pro is $10.99

Compatibility:  iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

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iPray and iPray Pro

Get prayer timings for your local city, along with qiblah direction and adhan.  Thousands of cities around the globe are currently supported.  The user can also access a five-day schedule and a Hijri calendar.  The Pro version allows the user to add additional cities (useful when traveling), add more alerts and notifications, and change more of the prayer calculation settings.  Some users report that the qiblah compass is not always accurate, but other features of this app are well-reviewed.

Price: iPray is free; iPray Pro is $2.99

Compatibility:  iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad


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