Top 10 Beatles Lullaby Albums

Sure, there are lots of Beatles lullaby albums out there, but after a while, they all start sounding alike. I went out and found ten unique CDs worth of Beatles instrumentals that'll help your little ones drop off into "Golden Slumbers." Here are the Top 10 Beatles Lullaby Albums:

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Jason Falkner - 'Bedtime with The Beatles'

Courtesy Sony Wonder

By far the best Beatles lullaby album available. Falkner doesn't just plink around on a toy piano, churning out exact replicas: he transforms each tune and makes it his own by utilizing his multi-instrumental talents and arranging skills, while maintaining the original spirit and melody of each classic. If you like this one, good news: Bedtime with The Beatles, Part Two is also available.

Released 2001; Sony BMG

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Greg Hawkes - 'The Beatles Uke'

Courtesy Solid Air Records

Probably the most unlikely source of Beatles lullabies, and yet the most refreshing of the lot: Greg Hawkes, former keyboard player with The Cars, plays sweetly relaxing versions of Beatles tunes entirely on ukuleles!

Released 2008, Solid Air Records

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Percy Faith - 'The Beatles Album'

Courtesy Columbia Records

Back in the early '70s, Percy Faith recorded album of Beatles tunes in his trademark easy-listening style. These aren't lullabies, per se, but by the inherent nature of Percy Faith's work, these tunes are soothing, mellow, and sweetly orchestrated. Paired on the 2002 rerelease with Faith's 1971 album of Jesus Christ Superstar covers.

Released 1970, Columbia Records

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Giuseppe Milici & Mauro Schiavone - 'Beatles Jazz Tribute'

Courtesy Undamaris Edizioni

Schiavone's warm piano and Milici's Stevie Wonder-like harmonica style make these instrumentals sound like they're straight from classic Sesame Street. The tunes are relaxing enough to soothe your little ones to sleep, but interesting enough musically to listen to over a cup of coffee. Includes Paul McCartney & Wings' "My Love."

Released 2005, Undamaris Edizioni

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David Waldon - 'Picks On The Beatles'

Courtesy SLG Records

Waldon's fluid, warm fingerpicking style transforms Beatles classics into pastoral acoustic tunes. This album of solo guitar performances includes John Lennon's "Jealous Guy."

Released 2007, SLG Records

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Rockabye Baby! - 'Lullaby Renditions of The Beatles'

Courtesy Rockabye Baby! Music

Currently the most popular and well-known of the Beatles lullaby albums. A xylophone acts as lead instrument, supported by piano, sitar, and flute on a bed of lightly-played synthesizers. A second volume, More Lullaby Renditions of the Beatles, is also available from Rockabye Baby! Music.

Released 2007, Rockabye Baby! Music

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Sally Harmon - 'Love Songs of The Beatles'

Courtesy The Orchard

Pianist Sally Harmon boasts a massive back-catalog of CDs, and one of her best is this solo piano performance of Beatles ballads.

Released 1996, Soulo Productions

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Raul Parentella & Osvaldo Suarez - 'Beatles for Babies'

Courtesy GLD Distribuidora S.A.

Light and soothing New Age electronica, with the occasional real violin, and a swirly phasing effect throughout. Includes Paul McCartney's "No More Lonely Nights" from his

Give My Regards to Broadstreet

Released 2004, GLD

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Julio Kladniew - 'Babies Go Beatles'

Courtesy RGS Music

This CD from the 'Babies Go' series is a little more synthesized and metallic than most Beatles lullaby albums, but includes a nice rendition of the less-often played "Martha My Dear."

Released 2002, RGS Music

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Happy Baby - 'Beatles for Babies'

Courtesy Valley Entertainment

This melodic and music box-y collection of Beatles lullabies uses a lighter touch on the synthesizers.

Released 1999, Valley Entertainment