Top Beginner Wakeboards

Buying your first wakeboard can be a tough decision. Don't find yourself picking a board based on its eye-crossing, radical and off-the-wall art design. There are so many things to consider: board manufacturer, size, features, bindings, etc. Here are my picks for the best beginner boards.

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This board controls itself, letting the rider concentrate on fundamentals. It has a 4-channel bottom for tracking, wide profile for a stable and forgiving ride. More »
Preferred by beginner/intermediate/advanced riders who like the flowing feel of the original free ride series. A mellower turn with a smoother lift off the wake than other Hyperlite decks. More »
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Liquid Force Fish

This wide and stable shape was designed for a smooth and easy feel. Mellow molded in fins provide tracking control when needed, while gently releasing off the wake. Easy catch-free riding with extra tracking. Solid forgiving pop.
Real riding usually doesn't take place on smooth water, so the Classic comes with a slight V hull under the feet that quickly blends into side and tail channels, allowing both the board and rider to maintain a high comfort level on a variety of water conditions. More »
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Krown Reloaded Royal Flush

The Reloaded series is a great wakeboard for anyone just getting into wakeboarding or gearing up for their second or third season. Designed for an easy ride, the Reloaded is a lightweight board that represents some of the very best models that Krown has built.
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Built for the initial pull, the Tempest is flat, wide and the fins you give you stability and traction. Designed for cruising, the novice rider will appreciate the smooth and easy learning experience the Tempest delivers. Plenty of surface area. A quad channel bottom tracks and the board is compression molded for longevity and quality More »
The original spinning assault weapon of war has a rounded profile for the smoothest transitioned turn in the business. The soul of being sideways at a slower pace is also our most inexpensive kids deck. More »
The Myth has a tried and tested board shape enabling groms to learn the ropes of wakeboarding without a hitch. Round tip and tails and 1.85-inch fins help learning wakeboarding a reality, not myth. More »
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Liquid Force Diva (For the Ladies)

This stable shape is for riders looking for a smooth, flowing, predictable feel. Mellow molded in fins provide tracking on jumps and landings, while gently releasing off the wake. A full diamond tip shape provides lots of pop without hang-ups. Forgiving hold. Available in three lengths for all size Divas.
One of Hyperlite's best selling models, the 134 Divine is now even less of an impact on the purse. Made from the same shapes as their longest running Motive series. More »