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Find a Software Package Suited to Your Budget and Bible Study Needs

Whether you're looking for the best free Bible software program or you've decided to invest in a comprehensive digital study library, this collection is sure to offer the option that's just right for your budget and your Bible study needs.

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Starting with the best free Bible software program, e-Sword gives you more than you might expect from a free program, including several free add on Bible versions, dictionaries and commentaries. It's easy to use with tutorials, manuals and training demos all provided for free on the e-Sword Website. A Pocket PC version of e-Sword called Pocket e-Sword is also available for free. More »

Eloquent (previously MacSword) is a free open-source application designed specifically for Mac users running Mac OS X. It is based on the Sword project of open source Bible software, making it compatible with many Bible translations and more than 200 Bible study texts. Devotionals, commentaries, dictionaries and lexicons are just some of its surprisingly versatile features in this basic Bible study and research software program. More »

Logos Bible Software Diamond 7
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While number three on this list, which includes free programs, Logos Bible Software is my number one choice for paid Bible study software. Logos is designed for anyone from the beginner Bible software user to the most serious Bible scholar. I've been using the software since 2008. Logos has radically simplified the task of Bible study for me. It's given depth and breadth to my research I never imagined possible.

With the release of version 7, Logos offers eight base packages. The most basic Starter package is regularly priced at $294.99. I'm currently exploring the resources in the Diamond package, priced at $3,449.99. The largest, most expensive new package is Logos Collector's Edition, which gives you everything in the Logos arsenal for a whopping $10,799.99.

The software is a hefty investment, but each digital collection contains hundreds to thousands of resources. When you add up the retail value of the resources in each package, Logos Bible Software is by far the best deal for the money you'll spend. And Logos now offers monthly payment plans and an academic discount program. More »

If you're a Mac user and you want a variety of choices, then Accordance Bible Software is for you. Their software packages are geared for all levels of study, from student to scholar with prices as varied as options. The Starter Collection is $49.99, Bible Study Package ($199.99), Original Languages ($299.99), Essential (499.99), Advanced (999.99), and Ultimate Collection ($1999.99). Accordance, which can currently be run on a Windows PC using their emulator, is set to release a Windows-native version in the fall of 2013.
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BibleWorks features the Greek, Hebrew and the Septuagint Bibles, and is packed with tools specifically designed for close analysis of the original languages of the Bible text. For the cost of $349, the full version offers more than 190 Bible translations in nearly 40 languages, as well as lexicons, dictionaries and many other integrated text analysis tools. BibleWorks does not have a specific Macintosh version, but claims the software will run capably on Parallels, Fusion, VirtualBox, or Boot Camp.
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This interactive software program from Tyndale House Publishers brings a multimedia experience to Bible study, featuring narrated and musically scored digital animations. At $89.99 the software is available for both Windows and Mac users. Just a few of the program's highlights include self-guided Bible lessons and quizzes, the Book of Life encyclopedia, a virtual tours of the Holy Land, the Tabernacle, the Nativity Scene, and an overview of all of history. Note: iLumina Bible software is now out of print and only sold through resellers. Technical support for the product is no longer available.

The PC Study Bible is both powerful and affordable, with five library options graduating in price from $37.95 for the Discovery Reference Library to $449.95 for the Advanced Reference Library. This software is designed for conservative believers, packed with Bible-based commentaries and reference works. A unique feature of the PC Study Bible is their Biblesoft Authoring System, allowing you to create your own Bible study materials that can be integrated into the software.

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QuickVerse is a comprehensive Bible software program with three packages (Basic, Silver, and Gold) priced from $305.15 to $1,631.49. It features 21 Bible translations, 42 commentaries, study notes, dictionaries, handbooks, concordances, Greek resources, theology sources, specialty references, church history, maps, pictures, reading plans and devotionals. One unique feature is the audio tool designed to teach you the correct pronunciation for more than 6,000 difficult Bible words.

The SwordSearcher Bible Software is reasonably priced at $59.95 for the deluxe edition and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with a free downloadable evaluation version. This program features easy and powerful search tools, 18 Bible versions, loads of dictionaries, commentaries, topical guides, as well as maps and illustrations.

WORDsearch Preaching Library, produced by LifeWay Christian Resources, offers preachers and teachers more than 4,500 Bibles and reference works to make Bible study and sermon preparation faster, easier and more enjoyable. This collection contains hand-picked resources by pastors and preachers, and is priced at $499.95.

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