Top 10 Country Songs About Boats

Roll With These Great Songs About Being on the Water

Whether you want a country song to listen to on a boat or a country song to remind you of life on the romanticized high seas, these country songs are a good fit. Herewith, the top 10, in reverse order. No life jacket required. Imagine you're with your sweetie on a serene blue lake, an expansive bay where you can see for miles or way out in the ocean, waves crashing, sun high in the sky. Lean back, shut your eyes and take a listen.

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Darryl Worley -- 'Tennessee River Run'

i miss my friend album cover
Darryl Worley - 'I Miss My Friend' (2002). Image courtesy of Dreamworks Nashville

Darryl Worley knows how he likes to spend his weekend, and it isn't getting started on some of that yard work, cleaning and organizing the garage, or having dinner with the in-laws.

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Kenny Chesney -- 'Boats'

lucky old sun album cover
Kenny Chesney - 'Lucky Old Sun' (2008). Image courtesy of BNA Records

Kenny Chesney loves the feeling of liberty he gets from being on H20. That's why he calls boats "vessels of freedom" and, yes, "harbors of healin'."


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Lyle Lovett -- 'If I Had a Boat'

Image courtesy of Curb Records

Lyle Lovett is a lawn-chair surrealist in this song about a man who has it all: a boat, a pony and a pony on the boat. Roy Rogers, Dale Evans and Tonto each make cameos. The sea lends itself to daydreaming ... you see.

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Guy Clark -- 'Boats to Build'

boats to build album cover
Guy Clark - 'Boats to Build' (1992). Image courtesy of Nonesuch Records

Guy Clark is fed up with the daily grind. Now he's set to go the way of Noah in this take-this-job-and-shove-it gem.

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Zac Brown Band -- 'Knee Deep'

you get what you give album cover
Zac Brown Band - 'You Get What You Give' (2010). Image courtesy of Atlantic Records

Zac Brown Band and Jimmy (Buffett, as if you had to ask) take a boat for a permanent vacation to a tropical destination. It's a move that isn't exactly original, but it sure is pleasurable.

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Little Big Town -- 'Pontoon'

pontoon single
Little Big Town - 'Pontoon' single. Image courtesy of Capitol Nashville Records

Little Big Town's party barge is ready for boarding, and the grill's ready for a fiesta "in slow motion, out here in the open."  You really should catch this scene.

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Jimmy Buffett -- 'Lovely Cruise'

Jimmy Buffett has a lot of great songs about boats, ships and sailing. Among them are "A Pirate Looks Forty," "Boat Drinks" and "Son of a Son of a Sailor." But this one is particularly, well, lovely.

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Craig Morgan -- 'Redneck Yacht Club'

my kind of livin
Craig Morgan - 'My Kind of Livin' (2008). Image courtesy of Broken Bow Records

Learn what happens when a trailer park gets its water wings. Don't miss the music video for this Craig Morgan boat-burner.

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Nitty Gritty Band -- 'Fishin' in the Dark'

hold on album cover
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - 'Hold On' (1987). Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Records

There's always a good excuse for going out on a boat at night when nothing but you and the fish are out. Oh, and maybe your baby, too. Wait, are we talking about fishing here?


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Alan Jackson -- 'Chattahoochee'

a lot about livin album cover
Alan Jackson - 'A Lot About Livin' (And a Little 'Bout Love)' (1992). Image courtesy of Arista Nashville Records

This boating song gives the title to Alan Jackson's 1992 album. For the man in this song, swimming on the riverbank of the Chattahoochee is where you learn "a lot about livin' and a little 'bout love."

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