Top 7 Books for Cultural Understanding in the USA

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Any ESL student knows a simple fact: speaking English well does not mean you understand the culture. Communicating effectively with native-speakers requires much more than just good grammar, listening, writing and speaking skills. If you work and live in an English-speaking culture, you also need to understand the society from a cultural point of view. These books are designed to give this insight into the culture in the United States of America.

This is a great book for those who need to find a job in the USA. It discusses work-place attitudes and how those attitudes and practices affect language use. This book is rather serious, but for the serious business of finding a job, it does wonders.

The goal of this book is to understand US culture through their customs. Customs including Thanksgiving, sending birthday cards, and much more. This book takes a humorous approach to understanding US culture through customs.

Similar to 101 American customs, this book takes a humorous approach to understanding US culture by examining its superstitions.

A learner's guide to culture is a great starting point to exploring British and American culture. If you have lived in one country, you might find the comparisons particularly interesting.

This book is not for everyone. However, if you are studying US culture at a university level, this might be the book for you. The book provides an in-depth guide to American studies through fourteen interdisciplinary essays.

The description on the cover of this book reads: "A Survival Guide to the Language and Culture of the USA". This book is especially useful for those who have learned British English as it compares US English to British English and explains through an understanding of England.

Spotlight on the USA by Randee Falk provides an interesting look at the various regions in the US written especially for English learners. Each chapter explores a section of the United States such as New England, The South, the West, etc. and gives detailed information on local customs, idiomatic language as well as providing exercises at the end of each chapter.