Top Books for Cultural Understanding: England

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Any ESL student knows a simple fact: Speaking English well does not mean you understand the culture. Communicating effectively with ​native speakers requires much more than just good grammar, listening, writing and speaking skills. If you work and live in an English-speaking culture, you also need to understand the society from a cultural point of view. These books are designed to give this insight into the culture in England.

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Doing Business in the UK

A practical guide to understanding the essentials of doing business in the U.K. This book would probably be an asset for any US businessman as well.

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Oxford Guide to British and American Culture for Learner's of English

A learner's guide to culture is a great starting point to exploring British and American culture. If you have lived in one country, you might find the comparisons particularly interesting.

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British Culture: An Introduction

This book is best for those wishing to understand the arts in Britain today. This book focuses on the arts in current British society.

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The Oxford Illustrated History of Medieval England

This excellent guide to medieval England is for those who are interested in the fascinating history of England.

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Brit Cult

Beattles? Twiggy? What do they have in commmon? They are both essentials of British Pop Culture. Explore some of the fun with this guide to British Pop Culture.

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England for Dummies

This is guide to visiting England. However, it offers interesting insights into British culture - especially from an American point of view.

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