Top Books of Du'a (Islamic Supplications/Prayers)

In addition to the five daily prayers, Muslim say personal prayers or supplications throughout the day. These personal prayers are known as du'a, which means 'calling upon God.' These books help guide the Muslim in du'a, offering sample prayers in both Arabic and English.

This popular book of du'a, compiled from the Qur'an and Sunnah, outlines sample prayers for every occasion. Each du'a listed in Arabic, English, and transliteration (to aid the non-Arabic speaker with the proper Arabic prononciation).
This is the handy pocket-size book of du'a that is commonly given away in mosques and carried by Muslims around the world. Published in Saudi Arabia, it contains authentic supplications in Arabic and English translation.

Audio release by Yusuf Islam (formerly known as singer Cat Stevens) includes book and cassette/CD of common du'a with Arabic and English translation.

This book of du'a is translated, transliterated and accompanied by a professional cassette-tape which features in a clear voice the pronunciation of the various supplications.
The most comprehensive work in English about the status and etiquette of making du'a. Topics include: the excellence and benefits of du'a; the types of du'a; the recommended etiquette of performing du'a; and much more.
A short and colorful book of du'a for Muslim children (recommended for ages 6-7).