Top 7 Books on Deck Design

Books to Help You Plan and Build Your New Deck

Hit the deck with these handy how-to building guides. Packed with photos, drawings, and construction plans, they'll help you design an outdoor deck that extends your living space into your garden and also harmonizes with the architecture of your home.

Author: Scott Schuttner
Published: 2002, Taunton Press

Without a doubt, this is the top deck-building book that seems to be always first on the DIYer's list. Part of the Taunton Press series "Build Like a Pro," this book does what its cover says: Expert Advice from Start to Finish. Look for a newer version to come out, however, as this 2002 edition is a bit dated. For a how-to construction book, it's still the best.

Author: Peter Jeswald
Published: 2012, Taunton Press

Another book by Taunton, author Peter Jeswald is focussed on design. It's filled with the pictures and considerations to get you going as you plan your deck. If the Schuttner book (above) is about construction, Jeswald's book is about architecture and design.

Author: Steve Cory
Published: 2009, Creative Homeowner

"Start by doing what all the best architects do," says author Steve Cory: "steal ideas." This is a book of design ideas to help you decide what kind of deck you want and need.

Author: Scott Atkinson and the Editors of Sunset Books
Published: 2006, Oxmoor House

Sunset books have been around since 1946, accommodating the dreamers of the post-WWII building boom. This may not be the best book on this list, but any Baby Boomer will remember the funky Western Sunset typography and sigh at remembering a book just like this one being read by your parents in the den as they dreamed about their 1950s deck addition.

Author: Melissa Cardona
Published: 2007, Schiffer Publishing

Need more inspiration? Here's another idea book with beautiful photos. If you're still undecided about your new or remodeled deck after browsing these pictures, maybe you're looking for a different type of outdoor design, like a brick patio, a gazebo, or a pergola.

Creative Publishing international (CPI) has provided well-informed how-to books for many years. This Black & Decker Complete Guide manual is no exception. Last I heard, the book is in its fifth edition. Plan & Build Your Dream Deck Includes Complete Deck Plans. Go to it.


Author: Chris Peterson
Published: 2011, Cool Springs Press

"No deck design is perfect for everyone," begins author Chris Peterson. "Combine your ideal function and form in the deck design, and you'll wind up with your perfect deck." Let's see—form and function. Where have I heard THAT before?

Also available in a Kindle Edition.


For a really gorgeous deck, be sure to choose an attractive, durable wood. Here are our top picks: Best Wood for Decks
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