Top Ten Books on the History of Cars

The history of cars is one topic that appeals to many different types of readers, those who love cars and those that love history. We have selected the top ten books that will satisfy both types of readers.

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AMC Muscle Cars : Muscle Car Color History

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By Larry Mitchell - Muscle cars hold a special place in the hearts of car buffs and American Motors made the best muscle cars in history. Illustrated throughout with amazing photography, drawings, and pullout illustrations, this color history covers the AMX, Javelin, Mark Donohue Signature Edition Javelin, Marlin, Rebel, SST, Hornet 360, Gremlin X, and other AMC cars. Buy from Amazon »

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Chrysler : The Life & Times of an Automotive Genius

By Vincent Curcio - The Chrysler Corporation and family gave this writer their full cooperation for Walter P. Chrysler's biography, the founder of Chrysler Corporation. Covered are Chrysler's life from car mechanic to wealthy automaker, his automotive innovations and the history of the company he started. Beautifully illustrated with over fifty halftone images. Buy from Amazon »

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Model T Ford : The Car That Changed the World

By Bruce W. McCalley - Called "the bible for authentic Model T Ford restoration", this book is the result of the author's many years of research. While aimed at restoration buffs, the historical information provided on the Model T is the best. Detailed diagrams of every car part and its origins are provided. Learn about Ford's automotive assembly lines and view numerous photos of every model made. Buy from Amazon »

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Henry's Lady : An Illustrated History of the Model A Ford

By Glenn Embree and Ray Miller - Covers the history, various body styles, and both the "standard" and "optional" features of all the Model A cars from 1928 to 1931. The author loves these old cars and describes each with great affection and beautiful photographs.

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The Automobile in American History and Culture

By Michael L. Berger - This is a massive reference book that covers the complete history of the automobile, the industry, and biographies of famous automotive movers and shakers. personalities. Beyond history the book discusses the impact of the car on society, literature, leisure and recreation, the government's role, roads and highways, safety, and pollution. The author has served as Secretary of the Society of Automotive Historians. Buy from Amazon »

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100 Great Antique Automobiles in Full Color Prints

By Clarence Pearson Hornung - You could frame every page of this book which is what this book was intended for. The images are beautiful and fascinating to view. Buy from Amazon »

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Car Hops and Curb Service : A History of American Drive-in Restaurants

By Jim Heimann - Full of vintage photographs of cars, drive-ins and memorabilia packed into one hundred and twenty-eight pages. This is the book for nostalgia, Americana, and vintage automobile lovers. Written in an engaging style, this history has not one dull page.

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History of the American Automobile Coloring Book

By A. G. Smith and Randy Mason - A fun coloring book that teaches kids ages four to eight all about the history of automobiles - forty-eight pages.

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Car Mania : A Critical History of Transport

By Winfried Wolf - A complete history of the car for automotive buffs. Covers the inventions leading up to and proceeding the first gas powered vehicle. The author is a leading authority on transport. Intellectual and informative reading. Buy from Amazon »

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How Daimler-Benz Drove Off With Chrysler

This gorgeous hardcover covers 100 years of Daimler history. The authors discuss Daimler built limousines as well as the police cars, commercial vehicles, ambulances, armored cars and flying machines. (Daimler provides the limousines for British royalty.) Buy from Amazon »