The 7 Best Calculus Books

Master calculus with the help of these texts.

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Calculus is the study of motion and change and can be very frustrating and overwhelming for many students. However, with a few of the recommended resources listed here, you will find that calculus doesn't have to be difficult to learn.

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Calculus for Dummies

If you're familiar with the Dummy series, you'll appreciate the same format here with Calculus for Dummies. Don't let the name turn you off, this is a terrific resource! This companion can be used as a supplement for a beginning calculus course. Many examples, exercises, and help sessions are included in this resource. Sticks to the basic concepts in calculus.

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Calculus Made Easy

This book will assist you in learning the concepts of calculus. This is a great supporting resource, written in a relatively easy to understand manner with clear explanations and a variety of examples and diagrams that will help you understand and visualize most concepts.

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Prepare for the AP Calculus Advanced Placement Exam

This revised text resource offers several practice exams in Calculus AB and four more in Calculus BC, all with answers and explanations. You'll find sections on functions and their graphs, derivatives and integrals, differential equations, sequences and series, and many applications. Not for the beginner calculus student.

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Calculus Demystified

Although this book is a self-teaching guide, it is a Calculus refresher, not appropriate for those without some knowledge of calculus. It explains how to understand calculus in a more self-directed manner. You'll find practical examples with real data. Both differential and integral calculus are addressed.

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How to Ace Calculus

This is another good calculus resource for the beginner calculus student. This a user-friendly humorous approach to all the basic concepts in Calculus. This book has been named the streetwise guide, and there's no doubt if Calculus has frustrated you, this is your book. 

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How To Ace The Rest of Calculus

If you enjoyed How to Ace Calculus, then you'll quite like this one. It takes you to Calculus II or second semester of calculus. You'll find the following topics made easy: forms and improper integrals, polar coordinates, sequences and series, vectors, parametric coordinates, and graphing. Note: Some users have found that there are some gaps in this book when comparing it with calculus II.

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3,000 Solved Problems in Calculus

Do you like to see a step by step solution to a calculus problem? This book is an amazing supplemental. If you're taking Calculus 1 or 11, this book has step by step solutions to many of the types of problems you'll be working on. A great resource.​

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