Top 10 Celebrities Who Played Rugby

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Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig and Jonathan Sexton
David Rogers/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Obviously the best training for playing James Freaking Bond would be rugby, and so it was for Hoylake RFC’s most famous Old Boy. It also goes a long way towards explaining why Craig’s face looks like it’s absorbed a punch or two in its time.

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US President George W. Bush

Played fullback at Phillips Academy and Yale

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US President Bill Clinton

Played prop at Oxford.

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French President Jacques Chirac

Played second row and number 8 for Brive’s youth team and the Paris Institute for Political Studies. Shouldn’t be a surprise that a man nicknamed “le bulldozer” played in the pack. Once was quoted as saying “rugby is a metaphor for life.”

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British Prime Minister Gordon Brown

Was playing for Kirkcaldy High School in Fife at age 16 when he received a boot to the head that tore and detached his retina in his left eye. This injury nearly blinded him in that eye, but didn’t stop him from earning a Ph.D. in history from the University of Edinburgh or taking over the PM slot from Tony Blair

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Javier Bardem

Likewise, the Spanish actor best known (by some of us) for playing the psychopathic hit man Anton Chigurrh in “No Country for Old Men” and for learning English from AC/DC songs played well enough to represent Spain’s national U-21 side as a flanker and prop. He said in an interview that “playing rugby in Spain is like being a bullfighter in Japan,” which makes about as much sense as the Chirac quote.

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Russell Crowe

Okay, one more actor. I have to mention Crowe, because not only did he play (and continues to, if this video is anything to go on), but he was able to buy the club he’s supported since he was a boy, the South Sydney Rabbitohs, and seems to behave around them exactly the same way we all would if given the same opportunity.

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Andre the Giant

I’m throwing this one in because the prospect of playing against him – even as a very large boy – is, frankly, terrifying. He played as a teenager in Grenoble until he took up wrestling. He was already six and a half feet tall when he started. I also feel compelled to mention that he was friends with Samuel Beckett as a boy.

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Idi Amin

In addition to other dark arts the English taught the future Ugandan dictator at Sandhurst, they turned him into a second row. Amin continued to play for clubs in Kampala afterwards, but retired from the sport in order to focus full time on killing as many people as possible and providing safe haven to terrorists.

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Che Guevara

No list of rugby celebrities is complete without mentioning Che, who, like Amin, gave up his passion for rugby to devote himself full time to killing people. Before he did that, though, Guevara played center for San Isidro in Argentina. Che was so enthusiastic about rugby, he ran a weekly magazine called “Tackle,” which lasted for three months in 1951.