Top 10 Cheap Paintball Guns That Cost Less Than $150

Guns That Cost From $100 to $150

Paintball guns that cost less than $150 are typically very capable paintball guns that are either the most basic version of higher-end guns or else pre-upgraded versions of lower-end guns. Either way, you'll find here an assortment of paintball guns that are very capable and will allow you to compete in a variety of competitions. Paintball guns that cost less than $100 are included on another list.

This classic paintball gun is still a very capable, upgradeable and reliable introductory paintball gun. It is ideal for a beginner or anybody who wants to upgrade and customize their own Mil-Sim paintball gun.

This introductory electropneumatic is a fast, light paintball gun that does a great job at introducing the beginning player to the world of electros. It's not as fast as the high-end electros, but its price to performance ratio can't be beat.

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This little-known paintball gun typically sells for closer to $200 in stores but multiple online stores sell it for just less than $150. It is very fast and is the only electropneumatic in this price range with eyes. Its plastic shell might seem a little flimsy but its high performance and low price make it a great deal.

The Pilot is a well-rounded electro-mechanical paintball gun with a good variety of firing modes and a good range of features. It's a reliable choice for the beginner or for whoever wants a light, simple paintball gun to shoot.

Similar to the Tippmann 98 Custom but it is attracting its own devoted quality. It is very upgradable, durable and should last any beginner until they are ready to upgrade.
The GTI+ Rampage is an electro-mechanical paintball gun that is a few steps above its cheaper brothers with its assortment of firing modes including ramping, PSP and NXL.

Spyder's Vision Series are electro-mechanical paintball guns that come equipped with eyes to reduce chops. The VS1 includes a basic electronic grip with semi-automatic and 3-shot burst firing modes. It is lightweight, simple to use and a good choice if you are limited to CO2.

The US Army Alpha Tactical is built to mimic Army's M16 and comes with a stock and barrel shroud. It is designed for the Mil-Sim player and is a sturdy, reliable choice.
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Cheaper Guns That Come in a Package

Many of the paintball guns that cost less than $100 are available in package deals with masks, tanks and other gear for closer to $150. These packages can be great deals if you need to get a complete setup.

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Used Guns

Previous years' models of higher-end guns, discontinued models and heavily upgraded guns that just aren't being used anymore often come for sale. If you're willing to buy used, you may find a great deal.