Best Christian Metal Bands

Christian metal bands often mix in "clean" vocals with "unclean" (screamed or growled), causing many parents to question whether or not the music is really Christian. Combined with heavily distorted guitars and double-bass drums, "heavy metal" becomes "HEAVY metal." Christian metal, also called hardcore, metalcore, rapcore, screamo, thrashcore and unblack metal,  is usually very technical music with a lot of movement, rather than just lots of power chords.

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War of Ages

War of Ages (2014)
War of Ages (2014). Facedown Records

This hardcore band came to us from Erie, Pennsylvania in 2003. Having lived through some of the worst that life can throw at you, brothers Leroy and Alex Hamp know about dark places from firsthand experience.

Surrounded by pain and neglect brought on by confusion, enduring sexual and emotional abuse and even being kidnapped, their faith is what kept them alive. They want to share that hope with people all over the world.

War of Ages (WoA) used to be known as Point Zero.

War of Ages Members:

  • Leroy Hamp (vocals)
  • Alex Hamp (drums)        
  • Steve Brown (guitar)     
  • Jack Daniels (guitar)
  • Branon Bernatowicz (guitar & backup vocals)
  • Nathan Sexton (backup dancer)
  • Paul McBeth (backup dancer)

War of Ages Starter Songs:

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August Burns Red

August Burns Red
August Burns Red. Solid State Records

This metalcore band, hailing from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, got started in 2003 while some of the guys were still in high school. They were signed by Solid State Records in 2005 and since, have seen a few of their studio albums rise to #1 on the Christian music charts.

August Burns Red Members:

  • Jake Luhrs (vocals)
  • JB Brubaker (guitar)
  • Brent Rambler (guitar)
  • Dustin Davidson (bass)
  • Matt Greiner (drums)

August Burns Red Starter Songs:

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Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter
Demon Hunter. Solid State Records

This metal band from Seattle was started in 2000 by brothers Don and Ryan Clark. In the beginning, they hid their real identities, going by only "Sgt. Serpent, Chuck Knuckles, Utah Biggs, Arm, and John Gredal." This caused a bit of controversy and got a lot of attention.

Demon Hunter Biography

Demon Hunter Members:

  • Ryan Clark (vocals)
  • Patrick Judge (lead guitar)
  • Jeremiah Scott (guitar)
  • Jonathan Dunn (bass)
  • Tim "Yogi" Watts (drums)

Demon Hunter Starter Songs:

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The Devil Wears Prada

The Devil Wears Prada
The Devil Wears Prada. Roger Sieber

This metal band from Dayton, Ohio formed in 2005. Their name came from the book The Devil Wears Prada, not as an attempt to capitalize on the popularity of it, but as a way to explain that fashion, name brands, popularity and bank balances won't matter to God when you are standing before the throne.

The Devil Wears Prada Members:

  • Mike Hranica (vocals)
  • Jeremy DePoyster (guitar)
  • Andy Trick (bass)
  • Kyle Sipress (guitar)

The Devil Wears Prada Starter Songs:

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Tourniquet - Onward to Freedom
Tourniquet - Onward to Freedom. Pathogenic Records

Since 1990, Tourniquet has been a staple in the Christian metal scene. Named HM magazine's "Favorite Band of the Decade," the band has packed venues in the US, Canada, Europe and South America.

Tourniquet Members:

  • ​Ted Kirkpatrick (drums)
  • Aaron Guerra (guitar & vocals)

Tourniquet Starter Songs:

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Wolves at the Gate

Wolves at the Gate (2014)
Wolves at the Gate (2014). Solid State Records

WATG formed in Cedarville, OH in 2008. The post-hardcore band signed to Solid State Records and released their debut EP in 2009.

Guitarist/vocalist Steve Cobucci explained their mission best when he said, "It has been such a privilege to be blessed with the chance to give purpose to the gifts that God has given us. It’s important to us that our songs have purpose both musically and lyrically and we hope that the combination will cause the listener to think and to feel the message we are seeking to convey."

Wolves at the Gate Members:

  • Steve Cobucci (vocals & guitar)
  • Ben Summers (bass & backup vocals)
  • Nick Detty (vocals & keys)
  • Abishai Collingsworth (drums)

Wolves at the Gate Starter Songs:

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Underoath. Solid State Records

This metal band from Tampa, Florida formed in 1997 in former lead singer Dallas Taylor's bedroom. There have been plenty of changes in the line-up but their faith and the reason that they perform has never changed a bit.

Define The Great Line, their 2006 release, hit RIAA Gold in under five months.

The group disbanded in 2013 only to announce a reunion on August 17, 2015.

Underoath Members:

  • Spencer Chamberlain (vocals)
  • Timothy McTague (guitar)
  • James Smith (guitar)
  • Grant Brandell (bass)
  • Christopher Dudley (keys)
  • Aaron Gillespie (vocals & drum)

Underoath Starter Songs:

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For Today (Disbanded)

For Today
For Today. Facedown Records

This metalcore band from Sioux City, Iowa, was started in 2005. Before their last show on December 18, 2016, they were one of the busiest Christian metal bands, touring almost non-stop.

They were also one of the most outspoken bands you could find on the metal scene where faith is concerned, flat out calling their music "their mission."

Their last tour started on July 5, 2016. Before the band broke up, members Ryan and Brandon formed a new band called Nothing Left.

For Today Biography

For Today Past Members:

  • Mattie Montgomery (vocals)
  • Ryan Leitru (guitar & keys)
  • Sam Penner (guitar)
  • Brandon Leitru (bass)
  • David Morrison (drums)

For Today Starter Songs:

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As I Lay Dying (Disbanded)

2nd Annual Revolver Golden Gods Awards - Arrivals
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Calling San Diego, California home, As I Lay Dying got started in 2001 and was quickly signed by Pluto Records. Their debut release went on to become the top-selling album for Pluto.

The band broke up in 2014 when Lambesis was sentenced to six years in prison after pleading guilty to trying to hire a hitman to kill his estranged wife.

The remaining members formed a new band with Shane Blay called Wovenwar.

As I Lay Dying Members:

  • Tim Lambesis (vocals) 
  • Jordan Mancino (drums)
  • Nick Hipa (lead guitar) - left in 2014
  • Phil Sgrosso (guitar) - left in 2014
  • Josh Gilbert (bass) - left in 2014

As I Lay Dying Starter Songs: