Top 7 cigars to smoke on American holidays

Is there a quality cigar that is made in the United States with 100% U.S. tobacco, which also has both a patriotic name and appearance? Most of the best hand made cigars are imported from the Dominican Republic, Honduras, or Nicaragua. However, many of these cigars use Connecticut wrappers, although the binder and filler leaves may be grown in the country of manufacture. Depending on which criteria are most important to you, here is our list of the top five cigars to smoke on U.S. holidays.

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CAO America

CAO's "America" cigar not only has an American patriotic name, it also has a red, white, and blue patriotic American band. But that's not all, because this cigar actually contains some filler tobacco grown in the United States, and also uses two Connecticut wrapper leaves. The CAO America is one cigar that meets most of our criteria for being an American patriotic cigar.
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Rocky Patel Freedom

Rocky Patel's Freedom cigars were introduced in 2012, and will be the featured cigar on the Rocky Patel Cigar Cruise on the Carnival Freedom during April-May 2013.
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Camacho Liberty

The Camacho Liberty is a limited edition cigar, which is produced with a new blend (and look) every year. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on one of these sticks, light it up and celebrate your freedom on Independence Day, or any other patriotic holiday.
AKA Respect cigars help support the Wounded Warrior Program, which is about as patriotic as you get get. Other blends include Solace, which our Guest Author compares to a Davidoff cigar. Read Dr. Fadem's full review for all the details. More »
Another cigar that helps support wounded veterans, Sentinel LHS (Little Havana Series) cigars were created to honor deceased veteran, Ryan Job. The cigar has a patriotic band with artwork that resembles the American flag. A short review of Sentinel cigars is included with our review of several other new cigars introduced at the 2012 IPCPR trade show. More »
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Five Star

One of our readers (Michael Hall) gave us a tip on the Five Star brand of cigars, available at JR Cigar. These cigars have a red, white and blue band, with 5 white stars. According to Michael, these cigars just "scream America". After being deployed, he smoked them while serving in Afghanistan. Thanks for the tip, Michael. We proudly salute you and all members of our Armed Forces, both past and present.

The American Stogies brand of cigars may not be made in the United States, but they are made in Nicaragua (which is in Central America). Regardless, the brand name "American Stogies" sound like a good choice for any American patriotic holiday. More »