Top Comic Book Archenemies

Archenemies takes the whole hero/villain concept to a new realm of conflict, adding in feelings of pride, revenge, competition, and a thirst to beat ones opponent – no matter the cost. The concept of an archenemy pits one hero against one villain, or sometimes whole teams of villains and heroes battle it out for supremacy.

What follows are some of the best archenemies that comic books have put forth, either individually or in teams. These groups battle back and forth endlessly, making the comic tales they weave that much richer.

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Batman VS Joker

The rivalry between Batman and Joker goes back over sixty years. The Joker is, without a doubt, one of the craziest and outlandish villains ever. The two seem to feed off of each other, with Batman always trying to be one step ahead of Joker, and the Joker always dreams up new ways of tricking Batman. For a true vision of the archenemy relationship, look no further than the Dark Knight and the Clown Prince of Crime.

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Spider-Man VS Green Goblin

These two have a lot of bad blood between the two. The Green Goblin has taken a personal interest in destroying everything young Peter Parker holds dear. The rivalry came to head, when the Green Goblin killed Peter’s girlfriend, Gwen Stacy. It was something that almost pushed Spider-Man over the edge, but as the consummate hero, Spider-Man reigned in his thirst for vengeance and stopped the villain. Although he was thought dead, the Green Goblin is back and gunning for Spider-Man again.

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Superman VS Lex Luthor

Brawn VS brains. This sums up the conflict between these two super forces. On one side is Superman - arguably one of the top superheroes of our time, who fights against all injustice and is the embodiment of good. On the other is Lex Luthor - ruthlessly evil and cold, taking a business like viewpoint of super villainy. The two constantly battle with Luthor fighting for supremacy, and Superman just doing what a hero should.

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Wolverine VS Sabertooth

For a long time, the world thought these two just had a lot of bad blood between them. Now we know their histories have been intertwined for decades and the battle is a feud that we know will be the end of one, or both of these mutants. Although smaller and not as strong, Wolverine has never given up against Sabertooth, and it seems to be his drive and persistence may just be the thing that gives him the edge over his cold hearted ​foe.

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The X-Men VS The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants

The X-Men fights to defend a populace that hates them while The Brotherhood seeks to enslave humans as a inferior part of the human race. At the head of these two teams are archenemies themselves, Professor X and Magneto. Former friends and now heated rivals, they lead teams in the ultimate game of chess, always seeking to gain the edge against the other. These two sides of the coin in the mutant war have conflicted against each other time and again and the prize is a costly one – the fate of the human race.

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Fantastic Four VS Dr. Doom

and rule the world as he does Latveria.

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Spider-Man VS Venom

Spider-Man certainly has it rough. He has so many villains that have it out for him. What makes Venom such a special and hard villain to fight is that it is essentially the darker side of himself. The alien symbiont was part of Spider-Man for a time until Peter Parker discovered the true nature of this alien being. The alien didn’t stop, and has tried countless times to destroy the one who rejected him, adopting many of his powers and abilities. Venom will not rest until Spider-Man is destroyed. Lucky for us, this has not happened yet.

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The Green Lantern VS Sinestro

What do you do when your archenemy has a power that you can do nothing against? This was the question that plagued The Green Lantern, as their powers did nothing against the color yellow, which is the color that Sinestro’s power ring emits. Sinestro was to be Hal Jordan’s mentor as part of the Green Lantern Corps until his true evil nature was discovered. Only recently has the color yellow (symbolizing fear) been able to be defeated. Still, Sinestro seeks one goal, to destroy The Green Lantern and the Corps members.

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Captain America VS The Red Skull

America VS Germany. Democracy VS. Nazism. Freedom VS Oppression. These words sum up the battle between these two individuals, which has been going on since World War 2. The Red Skull seeks to destroy everything Captain America holds dear, including America itself and all it stands for. Captain America has defeated his opponent many times, but this does not stop the Red Skull from returning, even from the very clutches of death. If Captain America fails, the United States of America may very well fall as well.

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Teen Titans VS Deathstroke

What can one man do against an entire team of superheroes? Plague them at every step. The villain mercenary known as Deathstroke has been a thorn in the Teen Titans side for decades. Deathstroke even went so far as almost taking down the formidable JLA, all by himself. This formidable foe has proved that he is a match for the Teen Titans and more, taking his lust for revenge and domination so far as to risk his children’s life for that goal.