Top 10 Conservative Magazines

Recently, a reader e-mailed to ask why the Cato Institute wasn't included on the list of Top 10 Conservative Web Sites.

There wasn't really a good answer, because the Cato Institute -- one of the top conservative think-tanks in the world -- does deserve to be on the list. After reviewing the page, it occurred to me that I might better serve my readers by breaking out a new top 10 list -- for conservative magazines.

After reviewing dozens of conservative web sites, and even checking out some of the periodicals at one of the local universities (which was woefully bereft of conservative material, I might add), these were the magazines that I found provided the best conservative information. This is a subjective list, so I'm sure there will be folks who disagree with the ones in my top 10, but that's OK. I welcome the discussion.

The were several criteria for inclusion on this list -- popularity was not one of them. However, to be chosen a magazine did have to be well enough established that it was sure to be a resource for conservatives in the years to come. There is no room for fly-by-night periodicals on this list. Also, I gave first consideration to magazines that have at least some kind of online resources. After all, most of the research done these days is online. Next, the quality of the material was ranked, and -- ¡viola!

--we have a top 10 list.

Since some of the sites were pulled from Top 10 Conservative Web Sites, that list had to be revised. I had been planning to do this for awhile, but the reader e-mail finally got me motivated, so I decided to expedite its revision.

In the coming weeks, I'm planning to build more resource-related content, so conservatives new to the movement have not only a clearinghouse for ideas, but for new perspectives, as well.

For now, enjoy this list, and as always, please take a moment to leave a comment, because I'm eager to hear your thoughts.

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