Top 10 Country Songs of Summer

There's nothing like a hot summer afternoon, hanging out by the pool, beach, lake, wherever with the beverage of your choice, some good friends, and the radio blasting some great country music. Your AboutCountry staff has chosen some of our favorite country music songs of "Summer" along with the albums they came from.

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"Summertime Blues" by Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson - Who I Am
Alan Jackson - Who I Am. Arista Nashville

Shel's choice: Alan sings about working every week just to try to earn a dollar, and when he doesn't go to work, his dad tells him he didn't work, so he can't use the car. This is something I think a lot of young people can relate to, and it takes place in the Summer. 

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"Summer's Coming" by Clint Black

Clint Black - One Emotion
Clint Black - One Emotion. Sony BMG

Shel's Choice: This song is summer personified. Clint sings about surfing and tanning and just having a great time at the beach. Can you smell the coconut oil? The video is a hoot too! 

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"No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems" by Kenny Chesney

No Shoes No Shirt No Problems
No Shoes No Shirt No Problems. Sony BMG

Shel's choice: He heads off to Mexico to where there's sun and sand and a drink in his hand with no bottom. That's Summer to me. 

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"Six Pack Summer" by Phil Vassar

Matt's choice: Phil Vassar's "Six Pack Summer" is a great summer song because it depicts real life situations in a sing-a-long style that always brings a smile to my face when I hear it. Anyone who's gotten "cabin fever" in the winter surely will enjoy this song. It's just a fun song. 

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"Sweet Southern Comfort" by Buddy Jewell

Shel's choice: While the song is speaking about summer in the south, it also says "just a snapshot of downhome Dixie, could be anywhere you are." The lyrics are so picturesque that it takes me back to summer's I've enjoyed, even though I live nowhere near the south. 

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"Days Go By" - Keith Urban

Shel's pick: While this song isn't specifically about any time of the year, it talks about getting in your car and "putting your hand out the window in the wind." It reminds me of hot summer days with the top down and the music turned up. 

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"Good Time" by Jessica Andrews

Jenn's choice: Jessica Andrews' "Good Time" is a song that fits in perfectly with the summer months because that is usually when people run out of things to do and they feel like spicing things up a bit. What better way would there be to go about changing the boring times than grabbing a few dollars at the ATM and taking off on a carefree road trip with your closest friends in search of some fun and sun? You just can't beat quality time spent together with your friends. 

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"Cheap Seats" by Alabama"

Jack's choice: You can't help but wax nostalgic for the days of your youth when you hear this song. When it was fun to get together with friends and spend a summer day watching minor league baseball. While you listen, you can almost hear the crack of the bat, the cheer of the crowd and the wonderful smell of hotdogs being cooked on a grill. Not only a song about baseball, it's about a simpler time. Of sunny blue summer skies, about making good memories with great friends that last a lifetime. 

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"455 Rocket" by Kathy Mattea

Jolene's choice: I think "455 Rocket" by Kathy Mattea is a great summer song. I have always thought of it as a summer song, because it makes me think of cruisin' along with the top down. Riding down the highway with your friends having a great time is what I always think of everytime I hear it. And what is summertime without all the kids getting together and comparing their cars and what they can do on the highway?

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"Roy Boy" by Dave Insley

Kathy's choice: Summer time in the Midwestern farmlands is capped off by the harvest and the rumbling sound of the combines in the fields bringing in the wheat. Dave Insley captures his beloved memories of that time, and his father the farmer, with this highly infectious, tongue-twisting uptempo tribute, "Roy Boy."