Top Crystal Growing Kits

Quartz crystals
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These are chemistry kits specifically designed for growing crystals! Crystals sets are available for all ages and education levels.

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Smithsonian Crystal Kits

Smithsonian Crystal Kit
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There are several Smithsonian crystal sets available, to fit every price range. These kits are intended for use under adult supervision. The kits include crystal chemicals, growing containers, safety glasses, and pretty much everything except water. Several crystal shapes and colors are offered. Lots of educational material is provided. One thing I really like about the Smithsonian kits is that they use non-toxic chemicals.

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Geode Kits

Break Open Real Geodes
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Several kits are designed specially for growing geodes, or crystals within rocks or plaster. Other sets provide unopened natural geodes, which can be opened for the first time. One of the crystal kits allows you to grow a geode that will glow in the dark.

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Rock & Mineral Sets

Mineral Science Kit
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An alternative to growing your own crystals is purchasing rock, mineral, or gemstone specimens. Physical specimens, CD-ROMs, and books provide a look into the life of crystals. You can even get fluorescent minerals that will glow under a black light.

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