Top Delphi components to Access MySQL

An overview of VCL components allowing you to access a MySQL database from Delphi using standard data controls without using BDE/ADO/ODBC. Plus a few MYSQL related tools. MySQL a reliable, fast, compact, powerful and multi-platform multi-threaded open-source database server.

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Data Access Components for MySQL

Data Access Components for MySQL (MyDAC) is a library of components that provides direct access to MySQL database servers from Delphi, Delphi for .NET, C++Builder and Kylix. MyDAC can connect directly to MySQL server or work through the MySQL client library.

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TmySQL provides access to MySQL servers from Delphi via a visual component and an extendable non-visual component. TmySQL utilizes a single client DLL, which is provided by most Windows-compiled versions of MySQL. TmySQL does not use the database aware components in Delphi, such as TDatabase, TQuery, etc. Open Source.

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MySQLDAC is MySQL BDE replacement. This components set allows to create Delphi applications with direct access to MySQL DB without BDE and ODBC. BLOB fields are supported. MySQLDAC was developed for easy migration of existing projects from BDE/ODBC scheme to the native one. TDBImageEx component for JPEG images support included in package for free (with sources). MySQLDAC is royalty free product.

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MySQL ODBC Drivers

MySQL ODBC drivers allow you to connect to MySQL running on your Virtual Private Server from your PC and import/export databases. Handy tool for exporting an MS Access Database to MySQL and vice versa.

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MySQL Components

The TMySQLComponents consists of TMySQLServer and TMySQLDataset. The purpose of these components is to give you full direct access to all MySQL server's feature using your standard data aware controls in either Delphi or Kylix without the BDE or dbExpress limitations. The components are Single Source and will thus compile in either Delphi 5/6 or Kylix 1/2 using the same source files. Commercial.

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Direct SQL

The main idea of the project is to have cross-platform (Windows+Linux) delphi native components for directly accesing SQL servers (without using any externall dll's). The first releas will be for My-sql and Interbase, but there are plans to be extendend. GNU General Public License.

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Zeos Library

Components for fast access to MySql, PostgreSql, MicrosoftSQL, Oracle and Interbase SQL servers without use add-ons, such as BDE / ODBC / ADO. Besides, the components - sources of data are compatible with standard TDataset and have a number of additional features. Open Source.