Top 10 DVD Easter Eggs

In the late 1800s, the Russian imperial family commissioned Carl Fabergé to design lavish, bejeweled eggs to be exchanged at Easter. These eggs had secret compartments where a bonus gift could be found. Now the hidden bonus features of a DVD have been dubbed Easter Eggs. Not confined to the Easter holiday, DVDs contain virtual Easter Eggs as treats for fans all year long. A DVD Easter Egg is a message, joke, or feature cleverly hidden in a DVD. Here's a list of some of the best that fans have uncovered, and happy hunting for more.
This may be the only DVD with an Easter Egg about Easter Eggs. Go to SPECIAL FEATURES, highlight DELETED SCENES press LEFT and then DOWN on your remote and a tomato will appear. Press ENTER and the San Diego Chicken appears to offer his opinion on Easter Eggs. Then on the BONUS MATERIALS page, highlight KILLER STUFF and press LEFT on your remote and another tomato appears, press ENTER and Lloyd Kaufman, of Troma Pictures, offers his "personalized" happy anniversary message to the Killer Tomatoes.

George Lucas always rewards his fans with Easter Eggs. Keying in 1138 (in reference to the title of Lucas' first feature THX 1138) from certain menus will get you a treat. For Episodes I and II, you get outtakes and gags and on Revenge of the Sith, instead of outtakes you get a hip-hop Yoda. To access these go to the OPTIONS menu from the MAIN menu, press 11 – wait – press 3 – wait – press 8, and it should unlock the DVD credits with outtakes. For the Star Wars Trilogy, go to VIDEO GAME & STILL GALLERIES, then press 11 – wait – press 3 – wait – press 8.

On disc one, go to SCENE SELECTION, and highlight CHAPTER 30. From there, press DOWN, then press ENTER. Peter Jackson introduces the hidden feature, which is Gollum's acceptance speech for the MTV Award for Best Virtual Performance. Andy Serkis (the actor who plays Gollum) is on hand too but it's the computer generated Gollum who steals the show as he curses and swears and calls Jackson a "f--king hack." The Fellowship of the Ring Special Extended DVD Edition also boasts an MTV Award skit as an Easter Egg. On disc one, highlight CHAPTER 27 in the SCENE SELECTION menu, then hit DOWN once. The skit involves Jack Black and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

On the 300 DVD, go to SPECIAL FEATURES, press UP on your remote until the SPECIAL FEATURES heading gets a blood-splattered highlight. Press ENTER and see a short documentary in which director Zack Snyder and graphic novelist Frank Miller talk about translating the book to the screen. The documentary includes the test footage shot to demonstrate to the studio what Snyder's idea of Spartan action would look like.

You can unlock an Easter Egg feature providing a 12-minute montage detailing the process of going from concept artwork to computer generated special effect. To get to the feature, go to SPECIAL FEATURES, then select CAST AND CREW, then select the WACHOWSKI BROTHERS. On their page there's a small red pill, highlight it and press ENTER. The documentary feature will then play.
Select the HIGHLIGHTS menu on the bonus disc, press UP on your remote, followed by the RIGHT arrow button. This takes you to a new menu. Press UP, then press the RIGHT arrow button twice to highlight a small frame in the right-hand corner. This will unlock an Easter Egg featuring the computer-generated characters doing performing their version of Michael Jackson's Thriller music video.
On the MAIN menu of the second disc, there is a hidden icon that can be found on the right side of the screen. This takes you to a hidden video of production footage. Also on the second disc's MAIN menu, highlight BLOOPER REEL, then press DOWN to highlight AND SCOTT MOSER. Press RIGHT to reveal a hidden cartoon character; now press ENTER to see a Passion of the Clerks sneak peek into the bowels of the production offices.
This DVD is loaded with hidden features many found in the Inner Demons Comic. For example, go to the second page of the comic, press LEFT to highlight a piece of a wall between Batman and Scarecrow. Press ENTER to get an interview with writer David Goyer describing how secretive he and director Christopher Nolan were in writing the script. There are plenty more but you'll have to discover them for yourself.
On disc one's MAIN menu, highlight INTRODUCTION and press UP in order to reveal a SYMBOL. Arrow LEFT to select it and hit ENTER. This unlocks an Easter Egg of director Guillermo Del Toro explaining and apologizing for a mistake made in the introduction. Again, there are more but you can have fun on an egg hunt.
On the MAIN menu, there are two pots in the animated background. Wait for a rat to emerge from behind the pot on the left and then click on it. Now you'll get a retro TV commercial Pixar created for Ro-dead: "We kill rats so you don't have to."