These Are The Top 5 Elvis Presley Comedy Movies Ever Made

We sorted through the King's MANY movies to find the top 5 comedies.

Most people just think of Elvis as being a singer, but believe it or not, he was actually more of a movie star than a vocalist. Although his movie making prowess is often downplayed today, young Elvis Presley was a larger phenomenon as a film star than he was a singer. Not to infer he was anything but spectacularly popular as a vocalist! He was definitely one of the most iconic and talented singers of his time as well, but Elvis was so dedicated to the acting craft that he even abandoned concert work for a decade in order to fully devote himself and much of his recording output to making Hollywood movie magic.

During the 1960s, Presley released a staggering twenty-seven (!) major studio movies, nearly all musical-comedies. Here are five of his best musical comedies, plus one more bonus movie just for fun.

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"Viva Las Vegas" (1964)


At best, the Presley comedies are more amiable than hilarious, like a hangout session with your best pal. You know the one, the incredibly handsome babe magnet -- who also happens to be a fistfight and production number magnet. In "Vegas," Elvis meets kittenish vixen Ann-Margret, who is every bit his charismatic, crooning, gyrating, spunky counterpart. Their chemistry sparkles and fluffs, both bright and amusing.

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"Blue Hawaii" (1961)

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Good news and bad: This splashy entertainment was a big hit and a fine star vehicle. The problem: After improving on musical-comedy "G.I. Blues" (1960), the Elvis Presley movie formula was perfected and forever carved in gold. Except for an end-of-career western side step, "Charro!" (1969), and a church drama, "Change of Habit" (1969), each narrative film to come aped the "Hawaii, Blue"-print.

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"Follow That Dream" (1962)

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Homesteaders' ploys tickled me, when I was 10. As a wide-eyed kid, I loved the Presley comedies from a front row seat three times per year. Long before my teens, I noticed the encroaching lameness of the pictures, and the bored onscreen "sleepwalking" of a beloved star. As an adult, I sadly dub actor Elvis "The King of Crock and Reels." He'd shown true promise, but settled for mediocrity and cash.

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"Loving You" (1957)


Elvis plays a delivery man who is suddenly discovered by a publicist who wants to turn him into the next big country western star. Of course since he's Elvis, there's also a romantic interest or two, and all of the delightful misunderstandings that go along with being at the center of a love triangle ensue.

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"King Creole" (1958)

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When Danny Fisher (played by The King himself) flunks out of high school yet again, he takes a job bussing tables at the King Creole bar to make some money. Soon enough his talent is discovered and he winds up performing on stage as a singer... and that's when things get interesting! This movie has it all; hoodlums, toughs, singing, and of course.. Elvis!

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Honorable Mention: "Top Secret!" (1984)


A better title might be "Elvis Presley: Spy," since this hysterical project is easily the funniest Elvis movie ever made, yet he's not in it -- Val Kilmer is. From the lunatics behind "Airplane!" (1980), Jim Abrahams, Jerry Zucker, and David Zucker, comes an oddball espionage tale which relishes spoofing Elvis flicks. Watch the real Presleys first, but see "Top Secret!" roust-about the laughs.

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