Top 3 English Japanese Dictionaries

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A good dictionary is essential for learning a language. Here is a list of recommended English-Japanese or Japanese-English dictionaries.

All kanji is accompanied by furigana. The dictionary's word count (22,000) is much bigger than its competition. You can learn natural and colloquial Japanese through 19,000 sample sentences and phrases. The paper is good quality and the print is clear.

It is great for beginners who have mastered kana scripts (hiragana and katakana), though the number of words might be a little limited for advanced students. Three appendices are included; listing verb conjugations, numerical counters, and place names.

This dictionary is for the foreign students of Japanese. The words can be looked up in romaji. It contains about 11,000 words and all of them have accents. Examples are written in romaji, Japanese, and English. Many photos and pictures are included as well.

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