Top 7 Fantasy Football Apps for Drafting on iPhones, iPads

Sometimes, drafting on your iPhone or iPad is necessary -- and helpful!

Using your iPad or iPhone to draft isn't impossible anymore, thanks to these league services available in the iOS world. CBS, ESPN, NFL, Yahoo

A great Fantasy Football league service is great if you’re on a computer, but there are plenty of people that have to draft away from their computers – whether it’s at a bar or in an airport. Or a bar in an airport!

7 Great Fantasy Football iPhone Apps to Draft On

These are apps that are directly tied to leagues hosted on their websites. You’re not going to be able to draft and set your lineups on the ESPN app if your league is hosted on CBS Sports, and vice-versa. You should still be able to enjoy the news and articles on them, however, no matter where your league is hosted. Fantasy Football – Free

For iPhone and iPad

Just like the two above, you can set your lineups, check transactions and player news, watch videos and more. The current release launched in mid-May, and it said that the ability to “Draft on the go” was coming soon. You can also manage multiple teams with this app. As you might have read, I really like the draft rooms on this site. I think they are among the most aesthetically pleasing in the whole lot.

CBS Sports Fantasy -- Free

For iPhone and iPad

This app encapsulates all of your Fantasy teams on CBS, including Fantasy Football, Baseball, Basketball and Hockey.

Over the past two years, CBS Sports has really gone after the mobile market hard, and this app is evidence of that. You can do drafts and auctions on your iPhone now, and you’ll now be able to chat with friends in the draft room, too. Finally, you’ll get all of the player updates and projections from their content team within the draft room.

ESPN Fantasy Football – Free

For iPhone and iPad

Just like with most of these apps, you’ll be able to draft (or do an auction), check the live scores of your Fantasy games and maneuver your rosters and lineups around. One thing I really like is that they have a mock draft lobby for iOS users, so you can mock draft away from your iPad – even if you don’t have an ESPN league.

You can also watch Fantasy videos with Matthew Berry and Co. with this app.

Yahoo Fantasy Football, Baseball, Basketball and Hockey – Free

For iPhone and iPad

This app was recently updated, so what you see now is what they’ll have in September. You can switch between leagues easily, post messages on your league’s message board, and  you’ll get breaking player news, with the analysis provided from both the Yahoo! writers, like Scott Pianowski, Brandon Funston and Brad Evans, along with the Rotoworld team of update writers.

MFL Mobile 2014 – Free

For iPhone and iPad is one of the best Fantasy Football draft sites out there, and they’ve successfully transitioned their no-frills website over to a no-frills app. It looks good, it’s priced right and it works with one of the best leagues services around.

You can customize the look with over 30 color schemes, so you can set it up to your favorite NFL team, or if your Fantasy Football has its own color scheme. I also like that they show the “Positional Point Differential,” which shows which positions are helping or hurting every team in your league. That’s great trade info!

Fanium: Fantasy Football -- Free

For iPhone and iPad

I drafted and played a league on this app last year and enjoyed it very much.

It works really well for everyone that’s deciding to do a draft over the course of a few days. It notifies you when your draft pick is up, so you can check who’s available and snatch up the best guy.

You can easily swap players around in your lineup and trade players. Their push notifications also make sure you are always alerted when you need to set your lineup. Sleep user interface, without ruining the fun!

FOX Sports Fantasy Football -- Free

iPhone Only

I was actually part of the company that built the league commissioner service for Fox Sports, and I had some articles posted on their site several times. The app makes using their league service even easier, as you can manage teams, check live scoring and get player news for your team and everyone else’s – including free agents.

No matter which league your Fantasy Football drafts on, you’ll find their corresponding app to be most helpful. Even if you’re at the draft, and you have a cheat sheet printed out – feel free to have these Fantasy Football iPhone apps open to help you out.