Top Free Brain Games

Free online brain games that can improve your mental performance.

What do smart people do when they have time off. Keep their minds nimble and sharp with a few brain games that improve spatial recall, logic, memory, problem solving and more. All while keeping them very entertained.

A recent Scientific America article states that brain-training games are based in large part on clear evidence that living in an enriched environment with lots of mental stimulation produces positive brain changes or neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to change itself by remodeling nerve cell connections after experience.

Memory Matrix
Memory Matrix. Screenshot of memory matrix.

This brain game is simply this - remember what tiles flipped over to improve your spatial recall. Memory Matrix is a nifty onlibe brain game by the folks at Lumosity, who also have a subcription service for an amazing array of personalized brain games.

Don't be quick to judge this brain game as a knockoff of simon says. It may start off easy but it doesnt stay that way. More »

Shapes and Colors
Shapes and Colors. Screenshot of Shapes and Colors

This brain game boost your concentration by having you memorize and then find shapes. You strengthen your visual memory with this game. You must first memorize 6, 8 or 10 figures of various shapes and colors and then recognize them among slightly different ones. This game both improves your concentration and hekps you to relax.

Shapes and Colors is hosted by AARP and produced by HappyNeuron. More »

Lost In Translation
Lost In Translation. Screenshot of Lost In Translation

You have to keep your eye on one bird without letting the other birds distract you. You must correctly indicate what direction only your bird is flying in. I love this little game as simple as it may sound. I found it very relaxing and zen-like. I can see how it really does improve your ability to pay attention.

Lost in Migration is a nifty little free  game by the folks at Lumosity, who also have a subcription service for an amazing array of personalized brain games. More »

Eliminate Pieces
Eliminate Pieces. Screenshot of Eliminate Pieces

The object of Eliminate Pieces is logically enough to eliminate the pieces on the board by dragging adjacent pieces onto one another. The pieces must be vertically, horizontally or diagonally adjacent and have something in common, color, shape or number. You have to use strategy to eliminate all the pieces.

Eliminate Pieces is hosted by Play With Your Mind. More »

Entangled Objects
Entangled Objects. Screenshot of Entangled Objects

This tough brain game keeps your brain in shape by identifying elements of a jumbled object. Give yourself time to understand the concept of the game.

In this game, you see three entangled objects, like flowers, fruit, animals, geometrical figures, or amoebas, which taken together make up a more complex object. These three entangled graphical objects are compared to a multiple choice of similar or different objects that are possible components of the complex entangled figure. You must choose the one that is part of the entangled figure.

Entangled Objects is hosted by AARP and produced by HappyNeuron. More »

Ball Dodge
Ball Dodge. Screenshot of Ball Dodge

You need to move the red ball around and collect the numbered targets, while avoiding touching or running over the moving blue balls. This game improves your eye-hand coordination and your concentration. Hint, you'll be tempted to run over a blue ball because inothing appears to happen when you do so. However, contact makes you lose energy.

Ball Dodge is hosted by Play With Your Mind. More »

music memory
Music Memory. Sceenshot from Music Memory

Music Memory is a nice alternative to similar memory brain games since this one encourages your general memory as well as your abilty to remember musical notes. You have to repeat the correct sequence of notes that are played to you. Do not forget to turn on your speakers and volume.

Memory Matrix is produed by Sheppard Software. More »

Spatial Eyes
Spatial Eyes. Screenshot from Spatial Eyes

In Spatial Eyes you are presented with a number of shapes arranged in a pattern – this is your template. Below this template is a blank workspace where you need to try to recreate the pattern as accurately as possible. Drag the shapes into the workspace and position/rotate them to match the template. Hint also look at the negative space between the pieces and match those up as well.

Spatial Eyes is hosted by Play With Your Mind. More »

Sudoku. Screenshot of Sudoku

Sudoku is a number puzzle in which the numbers 1 through 9 must be placed into a grid of cells so that each row or column contains only one of each number. It helps build your problem solving skills.

Sudoku Matrix is produed by Sheppard Software. More »