Top French Audio Resources

On- and off-line tools

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You can learn a lot of French grammar using the internet and books, but if you want to be able to understand others and make yourself understood, you need to work on your listening and speaking skills. The following French audio resources can help.

Ultimate French

Woman using tablet on the train
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If you are really committed to learning French, the Ultimate French sets are excellent. Each of these programs includes eight hours of lessons and a 400-page textbook and is equivalent to two full years of college-level study. Four of the tapes are to be used with the book while the other four can be listened to while you're driving, cooking, etc. Choose between Basic-Intermediate and Advanced.

Savoir Dire, by Diane Dansereau

A complete course on French pronunciation and phonetics, with detailed explanations of each French letter and sound, a comparison of American English and French sounds, and much more. If you want to improve your pronunciation, this is the book and cassette set to use (you can purchase the packaged set or buy the book and cassettes separately). French only.

Pimsleur French

Available in several levels, this program is designed to teach you French in thirty 30-minute sessions. There is plenty of repetition to make sure that you understand and can use what you are hearing. The expense is well worth it if you are serious about learning French.

Michel Thomas Speak French For Beginners

A "no-book" program which consists of eight hours of audio lessons on CD. It's designed to get you speaking French, without getting bogged down in grammar or vocabulary. An excellent program for anyone interested solely in conversational French.

Complete Course - Living Language

This best-selling program is designed to teach you or help you to remember the basics of conversational French. A 20,000 word French/English/French dictionary is also included. The first four lessons are devoted to pronunciation, and from there you move on to greetings, verbs, and many more concepts essential to basic communication in French.

Les Portes Tordues, by Dr. Kathie Dior

Les Portes Tordues is a bilingual grammar/audio book. Use the text to learn or review upper-beginning to intermediate grammar, and listen to the audio to practice your French listening skills.

Sur le vif Audiobooks

The publisher of the online audio magazine La Guinguette offers three intermediate/advanced French audiobooks about contemporary France called Sur le vif (Real Life).