Top French Learning Software Programs

Software can be an interesting addition to one's language study. While not a replacement for a teacher or conversation partner, software can help you improve your listening and reading comprehension as well as learn vocabulary, grammar, and even, thanks to speech recognition technology, pronunciation. If you're looking for an interesting way to get more French practice and improve your skills, check out my recommendations for French learning software.

Tell Me More V10

TellMeMore v 10 French language software
Tell Me More

Speech recognition and individual progress evaluation set this award-winning French learning program apart. Tell Me More Performance provides more than 20,000 lessons / 2,000 hours of learning divided into 12 levels, from complete beginner to expert and then on into business French.

Rosetta Stone French Level 1 and 2

Rosetta Stone French

Award-winning software from Rosetta Stone uses word association, language integration, speech recognition, and error correction to help you learn vocabulary and grammar; develop pronunciation and the four skills; even start to think in French. Used by U.S. State Department, Peace Corps, and NASA, beginning to upper-intermediate level. The two-level set includes 500 hours of French instruction in 2,500 activities.

A L'écoute De La Langue Françise

la guinguette french classes online

This self-study French class is divided into beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels, with 36 lessons for each level and over 400 practice exercises. As you progress through the program, you are gradually immersed in French.

Before You Know It

Before You Know It French software

BYKI is a flashcard program that can help you learn and remember French vocabulary. It comes with lists including audio files and the ability to create your own word/phrase lists. The program keeps track of your progress so that you always know which terms you've mastered and which still need some work.

Instant Immersion French, by Topics Entertainment

Instant Immersion French

This 5-CD set is a decent program for the price. A complete immersion program based on the language-learning technique of listening and speaking, it includes games and stories to keep it fun. On the downside, although it's aimed at beginners, it assumes knowledge of basic grammar and pronunciation. Upper-beginner to intermediate level, "fun" approach is particularly suited for younger learners.

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