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There are more than a hundred listening exercises on this site, ranging from simple dialogues to in-depth listening comprehension exercises. While the topic matter of a listening exercise doesn't necessarily matter (getting listening practice is usually the primary goal), some exercises definitely get a lot more traffic than others.

The most visited listening pages tend to be those that offer practical advice or discuss someone or something famous. Here are the most popular French listening exercises on this site.

Work on your comprehension of French numbers with these random number generators. Beginning

Discussion of Bois de Boulogne, one of the most famous parks in Paris. Intermediate/advanced

Introduction to French in France (dialects and "standard French") and the Dictionary of French Regionalisms. Intermediate/advanced

A report on visitors to the Eiffel Tower. Intermediate/advanced

Learn about France's beloved puppet Guignol and its creator. Intermediate/advanced

Interview with the manager of the famous Deux Magots café in Paris. Intermediate/advanced

Simple dialogue between a storekeeper and customer. Beginning

Tintin is a world-renowned Belgian comic strip - learn about the character and its creator. Intermediate/advanced

Cafés have long been a Parisian institution, but they have changed a great deal over the years. Intermediate/advanced

French varies from country to country and from region to region. Intermediate/advanced