Top 10 Gift Books for Castle Lovers

Beautiful and Interesting Castles Throughout the World

More than just architectural wonders, castles are rich with history and romance. From medieval fortresses to modern-day mansions, castles continue to inspire awe. For beautiful photographs and stories about the world's great castles, check out these photo books and travel guides.

240 color illustrations make this chronicle of castle facts and anecdotes especially delightful. Not just a coffee-table book, Castles and Palaces of Europe is also a helpful reference work.

This broad-reaching book takes readers on a pictorial journey through the castles of Europe and the Middle East, touring England, Scotland, France, Germany, Denmark, & Syria. In 120 pages, author Robin S. Oggins briefly describes the evolution of the castle from its early beginnings to the 19th and 20th centuries.

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Author Lise Hull calls herself a castellologist, and this book is proof. A paperback version of the popular 2006 hardback, Castles of Britain and Ireland brings to historic life many of the fortifications found throughout Ireland, England, Scotland, and Wales. Scottish-based Stephen Whitehorne photographed the architecture. More »

Writer and illustrator David Macaulay takes us inside an imaginary Welsh castle and lets us watch its construction brick by brick. Although written for children, anyone who is fascinated by castles will enjoy the detailed information about moats, dungeons, plumbing, and other technologies.

This Allan Brooks book published by Aetos Press (May 1, 2013) is not a coffee table picture book, but a get-in-your car travel guide. Subtitled "From the early Byzantine Period to the eve of the First World War," Brooks explores castles from what is now considered the Cradle of Civilization.
Author of Haunted Castles and Houses of Scotland, Martin Coventry takes another popular tour of Scottish architecture in this 2014 paperback published by Goblinshead. If you're traveling through Scotland, take along Coventry's guide to many grand castles open to the public.

At a mere 64 pages, Stephan Turnbull's book published by Osprey may seem slight. It is the perfect place to begin your exploration of Eastern castles, however. The historic fortifications in military Japan are richly illustrations by Peter Dennis.

Many print publications have turned digital and Alan Phillips' book by Amberley Publishing is no exception. Wales is not a very large country in area within the UK, but the land has been at the crossroads of ancient and modern military history. Check out this ebook, or you can always order the paperback Castles and Fortifications of Wales.

"Schlösser" is the plural of Schlöss, which is the German equivalent of a castle or manor house. "Châteaux" is the plural of châeau, which is the French word for a large, castle-like house. This picture book by the German publisher teNeues depicts the "high-end" castles of luxury.

Great American Mansions were never really castles. The castle fortress has largely been unnecessary in America, yet we continue to search for an architecture that will fortify our spirit. Architect Gil Schafer III may have found the answer in blending classical traditions with American historic architecture. Subtitled "Tradition for the Way We Live Now,” Schafer's beautifully illustrated 2012 book published by Rizzoli explores America's only castle—called home.

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