Top 10 Gifts for Beginner Snowboarders

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Wrist Guards

Snowboard Wrist Guards, Wrist Guards, Snowboard Safety Equipment, learning to snowboard
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Wrist injuries (fractures and sprains) are common among beginner snowboarders because falls tend to happen quickly, leaving the rider with little time to prepare. Wearing protective wrist guards is a nearly foolproof way to prevent wrist injuries when learning to snowboard.

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Padded Shorts

Impact Shorts, Snowboard Safety Equipment, Protective Snowboard clothing, learning to snowboard
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As a snowboard instructor, I pride myself on being able to teach my students to ride while keeping falls to a minimum. For those few times I fail, padded shorts like the Pro-tec IPS are there to pick up the slack. Lightweight closed-cell foam protects all the sensitive areas (tailbone, thighs, and hips) without impeding movement or feeling bulky.

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Snowboard Goggles

Electric EG1 Snowboard Goggle, Electric Goggles,snowboard goggles,learning to snowboard
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Protecting those baby blues...or browns, greens, hazels, etc, key to an enjoyable day of snowboarding. Wind, snow, UV Rays and errant squirrels are all out to get your peepers, but fortunately their attacks are easily foiled by the EG1 Goggle from Electric. What's even better is you'll look great, too!

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Snowboard Lock

Burton Tether Lock, snowboard locks, snowboard equipment,snowboard accessories,learn to snowboard
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Stealing another man's snowboard guarantees bad karma and even worse juju for the perp, but nevertheless, snowboard theft happens. Don't stop practicing random acts of kindness to pump up your karmic reserves, but protect your investment, too. Burton's Tether Lock is small enough to fit in a pocket, but tough enough to stop all but the most motivated scumbags (plasma cutters are tough to defend against, but luckily most snowboard thieves have no idea what a plasma cutter is - neither do I, and I'm not even a snowboard thief!). $11.95 is a small price to pay for piece of mind this season.

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Pocket Tool

Dakine Cool Tool, Dakine, Pocket Snowboard Tool, snowboard tools,learn to snowboard
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For snowboarders, on-snow binding adjustments and/or screw tightening are a fact of life. If it's not your bindings that need it, it's one of your buddies. Carry a pocket tool with you at all times to ensure you'll never have to waste time explaining the difference between a phillips head and a flat-head to an Australian lift attendant ("Duuuude, just use a coin, maaaan" just doesn't cut it most of the time!)

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Snowboard Socks

Snowboard socks, snowboard clothing, snowboard accessories, snowboarding,learn to snowboard
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Cold, wet feet make this snowboarder a miserable guy. Even at sub-zero temperatures, most people's feet will sweat inside a snowboard boot. Leave your cotton athletic socks at home this year and slip your dogs into a pair of moisture-wicking snowboard socks. The Men's Emblem sock and Women's Polka Square sock by Burton also qualifies as snowboard couture , which means you can rock them with pride on and off the snow.

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Snowboard Gloves

Burton Snowboards Gore-Tex Glove, Burton Snowboards, Gore-Tex gloves, snowboard gloves
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Cold, wet hands also make this snowboarder a miserable guy, which is why I won't put anything on my hands that doesn't have the words "Gore Tex®" in the name. Priced under $70, the Burton Gore-Tex Glove is packed with features often not found in gloves that cost twice as much. Enjoy a removable liner, front pocket (can be used for ventilation or to hold a chemical heat pack), over-the-cuff design, and of course the legendary waterproofing of Gore-Tex®.

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The iHat

Burton Vibrant-Visor Headphone Beanie, Burton Snowboards, Snowboard Clothing, Snowboard Hats
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I admit I made up the "iHat" moniker...but if Steve Jobs was a snowboarder, Apple would definitely be pumping out iHats in time for winter! The Burton Vibrant Visor Headphone Beanie combines the warmth of a knit hat with the entertainment values of a pair of headphones for the ultimate winter hat. Keeping with Burton's tradition of thinking of everything, they've included an inline volume adjustment so you can tune-in or tune-out at will.

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Snowboard Bag or Pack

Burton Snowboards, White Collection, Shaun White, snowboard packs, snowboard accessories
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Organization is the key to success, or so I was once told. Keep all your snowboard gear, clothing and accessories together and free up your hands at the same time with a sweet snowboard pack. The Burton White Collection Pack offers just under 1500 cubic inches of sweetness, with stash pockets for headphones, sunglasses, a padded laptop pocket that holds computers up to 15", and even a hideaway skateboard-carry. Shaun White claims he carries "monstrous loads of cash and a trophy or two" in this pack - live like White with his pack and watch the cash and trophy's pile up!

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Snowboard Tuning Kit

DAKINE Deluxe Tune Tuning Kit, Snowboard Tuning Kits, Snowboard Tuning, snowboard accessories
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Tuning your own snowboard will save you money, may score you free microbrew, and will certainly introduce you to the Zen side of your personality. The DAKINE Delux Tune Tuning Kit contains everything you'll need to keep your snowboard in tip-top shape: edge tuner, 10in (25cm) file, cleaning brush, metal scraper, 10in (25cm) wax scraper, pocket stone, P-tex, all-temp wax, Scotchbrite pad and a tuning tips pamphlet.

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