Top Hockey Songs

Ice Hockey is a rock and roll kind of game. From Stompin' Tom Connors to the Tragically Hip to Warren Zevon, here are the best hockey songs, capturing the spirit of a spin on the ice, a night at the rink or a game and a beer.

"Bill Barilko disappeared that summer/He was on a fishing trip/The last goal he ever scored won the Leafs the Cup." Great song by a first-rate rock and roll band. From their album "Fully, Completely."

"The sun is fading on the frozen river/The wind is dying down/Someone else just got called for dinner... Sunday afternoon." Siberry's wistful portrait of kid's hockey, which appears on her "Bound By The Beauty" album, is a minor masterpiece. There's also a terrific version on her live album, "Child: Music For The Christmas Season."

"Oh, the good old hockey game/Is the best game you can name/ And the best game you can name/Is the good old hockey game." Any questions? Stompin' Tom's minimalist tribute is a toe-tapping classic. More »

The Demons kick off their album "Bop Rap" with this guerilla jazz take on the stately television theme song. Includes an appropriately frantic play-by-play break. More »

"Gordie and my old man on a Saturday night/Watchin' the Blackhawks and gettin' tight." This working class stomper closes the Angels independently released debut album, "One Job Town." More »

"Well I heard Wendel talking to Dave Hodge last night/And he said that he was confident and keen./And he said that Jacques Plante didn't die so all of us could glide/He said that hard work is the ethic of the free." Guaranteed to bring a tear to the eye of any true Leafs' fan. The album is called "Greatest Hits." More »

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The Lonely End of the Rink - The Tragically Hip

I hear your voice ‘cross a frozen lake/a voice from the end of a leaf/saying, ‘you won’t die of a thousand fakes/or be beaten by the sweetest of dekes’. Another classic from a classic Canadian band.

Written by Jack Say, it was adopted as the theme song of the Hartford Whalers in 1975-76, the team's second season in the WHA. The Whalers are long gone, but Brass Bonanza remains one of the game's cult favorites. More »

"Now ever since I was young it's been my dream/That I might drive a Zamboni machine/I'd get the ice just as slick as could be/And all the kids would look up to me." This arena standard is a favorite with kids. A hidden track at the end of the album, "Billy's Live Bait."

Hard to pick a favorite from this collection of bangers and grinders. "Blood On The Ice," perhaps. Or maybe "You High -​​Sticked My Heart."

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