Top Icebreaker Games

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Icebreaker games are a good way for participants of a seminar, or another business meeting, to get to know the other participants, or learn team concepts. Most icebreaker games utilize groups striving towards one common goal. Having literally hundreds of icebreaker games to choose from, it can be hard to pick just the right one. Here are a few that are fun and fast.

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This icebreaker game begins when the group is divided into groups of eight or more. Once groups are divided, the leader then instructs the groups to line-up in order of height, shoe size, or some other light-toned denominator to keep the game fun for all. When the group has lined-up in a particular order, they are then supposed to clap to let the leader know that they are done. The first group to clap wins that round. This is a good way to learn something you never would have thought to ask about someone.

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Constructive Feedback

This icebreaker begins when you ask for a volunteer to come to the front. Position the volunteer facing the audience and place an empty cardboard box behind them, but not directly behind them. Have 30 pieces of crumpled paper within arms reach of the volunteer. It is the group's responsibility to give the volunteer hints on how to get the wads of paper into the box without turning around. Example "a little bit more to the right". When that person has gotten 3 pieces into the box successfully, then find another volunteer and continue.

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The objective of this icebreaker is to get acquainted with others. Write the name of some distinctive sounding animals on slips of paper. Create 5 to 10 slips for each animal. Hand the slips out and ask the participants to find all the same animals without talking. This makes for a fun way to get acquainted.