Islamic Business Books

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Does the business world have to be steeped in corporate scandal, CEO mismanagement, and lack of ethics? How can a practicing Muslim navigate the business world while remaining true to his/her principles? These titles explore ideas of Islamic finance, business, and economics. Why is interest prohibited in Islamic banking? How does ethics govern the Muslim business world? How are contracts negotiated? These questions are explored in these top choices of Islamic business books.

Explore the idea that banks can operate on the basis of profit-sharing, without fixed interest payments.

From the "Dummies..." series, with the motto "Making Everything Easier!" -- this book is a great starting point. Most beneficial for those who want to know the basics of Islamic finance, or who need help getting their head around the variety of theories, practices, products, and more 

Some Islamic business and banking books sound like they're written for economics majors and CEOs. This is one is designed for the everyday professional, who wants to take care of simple personal finances following the values and guidance of Islam. More »

A practical manual for developing leadership skills, based on modern business practice and traditional Islamic knowledge. Authors are two well-respected scholars on Islam.

This book discusses management from an Islamic point of view, to help Muslim business leaders act in accordance with the Islamic system of ethics.

This is an interesting book that looks at how modern banks work around riba' (interest) -- What are the alternatives? Are any banks truly "interest-free"?